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Walter’s Wish

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How a lost cat got the treatment he needed for a painful disease Alone, in pain and wandering the streets of La Grande, poor Walter needed a miracle. His luck … Read More

Caring For Your Pets in Cold Weather

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Keep your furry friends comfortable and safe during wintry weather with these quick tips: Keep your pets indoors, especially when temperature reaches 30 degrees, with or without the wind-chill factor. … Read More

Tiny, But Mighty, Nimoy

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Tiny, but mighty, 15-year-old Nimoy still has a pep in his step and a zest for life. Nimoy arrived as a stray at Multnomah County Animal Services and quickly became … Read More

Resolve to Create a Legacy

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Resolve to ensure your love for pets lives on with a legacy gift. As the new year begins, it’s a great time to think about some of those things that … Read More