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Youth Summer Camp

Portland Campus

OHS campers develop and strengthen their love, appreciation, and knowledge of animals.

Summer Camp 2024 Registration is Coming Soon!

2024 Summer Camp Registration will be LIVE on February 1 at 10 a.m.

OHS Summer Camp – Portland Campus

Oregon Humane Society’s summer camps are a wonderful way for campers to spend the day developing and strengthening their love, appreciation, and knowledge of animals. We love to bring animal and campers together because youth who learn to be kind and compassionate to animals grow into more compassionate adults, helping to create a more humane society.

This summer, campers will interact with companion animals, learn pet care basics, play games, learn basic training techniques, make animal-based crafts, bake treats and build a warm and welcoming camp community. It is our goal to increase campers’ understanding and awareness of the role that they can have as ambassadors for animals.

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