Bags of cans and bottles for BottleDrop recycling

Recycle For Rescues

It’s never been easier to help OHS shelter pets! Start collecting your cans and bottles today to help us create a More Humane Society.

Recycle for Rescues

In 2022, this program alone brought over $21,000 to the animals at OHS and ensured they were taken care of while in their home-between-homes.

At the OHS Portland shelter, a BottleDrop Blue Bag dispenser is located in the lobby. At the OHS Salem shelter, a dispenser is located both in the lobby, and another just outside the front door. At the OHS Thrift Store, a dispenser is located just inside the front door.

Absolutely! Donating from your balance online is easy. Log into your BottleDrop account, click the “Fundraiser” tab, click “Donate to a Featured Fundraiser” and search for Oregon Humane Society.

Interested in collecting recyclables at your workplace or housing complex?

We’re here to help! Give us a call at 503-802-6766 and we’ll get you prepped with a starter kit.

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