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Classroom Presentations

Thank you for a great school year of classroom visits. We will be opening back up in August 2024 for requests for the 2024/25 school year.

OHS is here to support your students and classroom!

Since 1921, the state of Oregon has required (ORS 336.067) humane education to be added to the school curriculum so students develop an appreciation for all animal life and are taught humane treatment of animals. Through the generosity of OHS donors, this service is provided free of charge to schools.

We prioritize classroom visits to Title 1 schools

Portland Metro Classroom visits are scheduled Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays
Salem/Keizer Classroom visits are scheduled Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays

*** While we make an effort to bring an animal ambassador to every classroom visit, we cannot guarantee one will be available on your scheduled day.  If you prefer we visit your school without an animal, please make a note on your request form. ***

All About Oregon Humane Society – Customized for grades K-12:

With campuses in Salem and Portland, OHS is the largest animal welfare organization in the NW.  This presentation offers an overview of the ways we support pets in our community, including adoption, training, humane law enforcement, veterinary care, humane education, and disaster response.

Pet Tales – Grades K-5:

We will read one of our favorite books to your class, followed by a petting session with an animal ambassador (subject to availability).   We have a variety of age-appropriate stories exploring the themes of animal care, adoption, kindness and compassion, and loyalty and friendship.

Dog Safety I – Grades K-3:

This presentation teaches the basics of dog safety to our younger students.  Topics include how to meet a dog safely and what to do if you come across and off leash dog in the community. 

Dog Safety II – Grades 4-8:

This presentation expands on the basics and teaches students to recognize dog body language.  We then discuss how to use these visual cues to figure out what a dog is feeling and how they may act.

Careers with Animals -Grades 4-12: 

Jobs involving animals aren’t limited to veterinary clinics or zoos.  In this presentation, we will discuss a variety of career paths related to working with animals.

Working Dogs – Grades 1-5:

While many dogs are family companions, some dogs are trained to perform serious jobs.  From mobility assistance to search-and-rescue, this presentation explores a variety of canine careers.

Kindness and Compassion – Grades 1-5: 

Kindness and compassion for animals are woven into everything we do at OHS.  In this presentation will explore the meaning of compassion and how students can practice compassion in their own lives. 

Companion Animal Superpowers- Grades 4-8: 

Did you know that a cat’s purr has the power to help you heal from injuries?  Or that some breeds of dogs can run faster than 45 mph? From super sniffers to eyes that see in the dark, this presentation explores pet powers that far exceed human capabilities. 

Live Virtual Tour w/ Q&A (requires zoom)- Grades K-12:

Let us take your classroom behind the scenes of our working animal shelter.  We will walk through our cattery, the dog kennels, our small animal room, and past our veterinary surgery window in the Animal Medical Learning Center.  Afterwards, we save time for your questions.


Contact us to discuss a customized presentation just for you and your classroom!

Oregon Humane Society offers free, engaging educational presentations in the Portland Metro and Salem areas. Sometimes we even get to bring an animal friend along!

  • Portland Metro Classroom visits are scheduled Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays. Salem/Keizer Classroom visits are scheduled Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays
  • Preferential scheduling is given to Title 1 schools and programs serving underserved communities.
  • Presentation length varies from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the topic of choice.
  • To maximize impact, we prefer to visit 2-3 classrooms each time we come to a school.
  • If you would like us to visit your classroom, camp or program, please fill out the presentation request form.


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