Kids at after school club having fun and hanging out with a dog

Classroom Presentations

OHS Education Department is offering in person and online classroom enrichment. Our vaccinated staff is ready to join in-person and virtually. 

Let us join you in your classroom to present a topic of your choice or let us customize one for your classroom goals. These topics and presentations can be adapted for virtual visits. Common topics include:

  • Working with Pets
  • The Healing Power of Pets
  • Dog Safety I & II
  • Kindness and Compassion
  • Care of Pets

* We are able to bring a canine companion, if one is available. We are sorry that we cannot guarantee this. Please note, classroom visits are very popular, and you can expect a 1-3 month wait for a visit

We take the students on a virtual tour through the Portland Campus shelter, including cattery, the dog kennels, our small animal room, and past our veterinary surgery window in the Medical Center. We can even show some behind-the-scenes areas that can’t be accessed in person. Afterwards, we save time for your questions. Go where the school bus can’t and join us for an educational and fun virtual tour of our facility. We welcome school classrooms, scouts, clubs, community organizations, and more to visit us. Each tour includes an overview of our life-saving work and a guided tour of our shelter. Meet some of our adoptable dogs and cats!

We will read one of our favorite books to your class (Grades 1-5). We have a variety of age appropriate stories exploring the themes of animal care, adoption, kindness and compassion, and loyalty and friendship.

* We are able to bring a canine companion, if one is available. We are sorry that we cannot guarantee this.

Choose a topic below or let us customize a presentation just for you and your classroom.

  • Dog Safety I – Grades K-3: This presentation teaches the basics of dog safety to our younger students.
  • Dog Safety II – Grades 4-8: This presentation teaches students to recognize basic dog body language and how to use that knowledge to figure out what a dog is feeling and how they may act.

OHS is here to support your students and classroom. We are here for you!

Since 1921, the state of Oregon has required (ORS 336.067) humane education to be added to the school curriculum so students develop an appreciation for all animal life and are taught humane treatment of animals. Through the generosity of OHS donors, this service is provided free of charge to schools.

To schedule classroom presentations, please fill out and submit our Presentation Request Form below.

Due to a busy start to the school season and staff limitations, we are already booked for fall and looking at scheduling requests into December 2022. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, should we have any cancellations, please feel free to reach out send us a message. Thank you!

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