Become a Corporate Partner or Event Sponsor

When your company partners with OHS or sponsors an event, it is a win-win situation. That's because being a good corporate citizen is also a good business decision. OHS regularly ranks as one of the region's favorite charities and relies solely on donations.

Business Partner Benefits

  • Meeting your business goals
  • Marketing and PR opportunities
  • Demonstrating shared values with employees and clients
  • Satisfaction of helping animals

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

OHS hosts a variety of events throughout the year, many of which provide a high-profile opportunity to engage audiences that can number in the thousands. Visit the links below for more detailed information about each event.

The OHS Events Calendar also lists upcoming events.

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Monthly giving through PAWS (Planned Account Withdrawal System) offers a convenient way for your company to support OHS throughout the year, providing a dependable stream of income to support all of the programs and services. With a monthly donation of $84 per month or more, and your company will receive the recognition and benefits of a member of the Thomas Lamb Eliot Circle.

OHS Supporters: Who You Will Reach

By partnering with OHS, your company will be making a positive impression on engaged, caring individuals who are:

  • 35-54+ years of age
  • Above-average income
  • Interests include: food/entertainment; current events & public affairs; home/lifestyle

Other Ways to Give

Every company has their own unique way to support OHS. Some choose to delegate giving decisions to a Giving Committee. Others empower their marketing/PR department or agency to make giving decisions. Still others encourage employees  to raise funds through a variety of activities such as photo contests, and special events. Some companies pool customer/client donations during specific time periods.

Team Building/Employee Engagement

OHS offers corporate groups a unique experience at the shelter. This is a popular program, therefore, opportunities are limited. Priority will be given to OHS event sponsors and corporate donors. Learn more here »

Event Hosting, Cause Marketing & More

Employee Matching & Workplace Giving

OHS can assist your company when it comes to workplace giving campaigns and we can help employees determine if their company will match donations to nonprofits. Visit this informational page for more info.

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