End of Life and Pet Memorial Services

OHS offers several options for end-of-life services and a final resting place for your pet.

Unfortunately, OHS is no longer able to provide mausoleum or cemetery interment of owned pets.

Euthanasia Services

When it is time to have your pet euthanized, we suggest you use your regular veterinarian. However, if you do choose OHS’ euthanasia service, our licensed technicians use the same painless procedure as a veterinarian. Please note, OHS does not offer owner present euthanasia. Fees range from $45 to $165. Hours: 10:00am – 5:00pm, seven days a week. For more information, call (503) 285-7722.

Cremation Services

We provide a private cremation services for families who wish to keep the remains of their pet. Fees range from $100 to $250. We will provide you with a standard metal container. We do have wooden urns available for an additional fee of $34-45. For those who do not wish to keep the remains of their pet, general cremation services are available. Fees range from $40 to $100. Hours: 10:00am – 5:00pm, seven days a week. No appointment necessary. For more information, call (503) 285-7722 ext. 212


OHS has columbarium burials available. The price is $850. If you are interested in having your pet's final resting place be at our facilities, call (503) 285-7722 ext. 212

Animal Cemetery and Rose Garden

Established in 1918, the Oregon Humane Society’s Pet Cemetery is the oldest pet burial grounds west of the Mississippi. Many pets have found their final resting place here in our historical cemetery, including the infamous Bobbie of Silverton. The OHS animal cemetery and memorial grounds offer a tranquil place for quiet reflection. You are welcome to visit any time during normal shelter operating hours.
We do not have space available in the cemetery for pet burials.

Pet Loss Support

The loss of a pet can be one of the most devastating experiences that an individual or family has to face. Dove Lewis Emergency Hospital offers a variety of grief support services. Visit their website here or call (503) 228-7281.