Careers at OHS

If you're looking to make an impact and to save lives, OHS is the perfect place for you. Explore the possibilities.

Get Started

The first step in beginning your OHS career search is to look for open jobs that match your skills, qualifications, and interests. Each job posting (below) includes a description of the position and the minimum required qualifications. Once you find a position you are interested in, set up or sign in to your account and submit your interest.

Important Application Tips

We know that applying for a position is time-intensive, and we value your interest in OHS. Here are some tips to help you successfully fill out an online application.

  • If you decide to apply for a position, please make sure you are using the latest version of your Web browser.
  • Consider copy/pasting your application details into the application form from a document in Notepad or Word so you don’t lose your work on the application itself. Or, use the tool in the application form to copy your information from LinkedIn. The form may not save all of your answers if you hit submit while any required* fields are left blank, or if you added spaces to list additional experience but did not fill these out. By keeping all of your information safe in a separate document, you can save yourself time and trouble when filling out an online application.
  • Please remember your login information in case you want to return to the career site to update your details.

Next Steps

After you’ve found an employment opportunity that interests you, learn more about Life at OHS and brush up on your job interview skills here.