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Our companion animals need routine dental care to help keep them happy, healthy, and pain-free. While regular tooth-brushing and approved dental chews can help keep teeth clean for longer, there is no replacement for routine dental cleanings at our Community Veterinary Hospital.

Benefits of Dental Cleaning 

  • Use of dental radiology to check for disease that may exist below the gumline, where tooth and gum issues can easily hide from the naked eye 
  • Keeping teeth and gums healthy 
  • Treatment for teeth that may be painful to your pet 
  • Extraction of painful teeth under anesthesia to eliminate the risk of infection or irreversible damage to the other organ systems

What to Expect When Scheduling a Dental Cleaning

Scheduling your pet’s dental cleaning at our Community Veterinary Hospital starts with a consultation visit, where one of our veterinarians will perform a thorough exam of your pet to determine the best dental plan for them. A deposit for the consultation fee is required at the time of appointment booking.

We recommend pre-op bloodwork to look for any health concerns that may require adjustments to their anesthesia throughout the procedure.

Dental cleanings at the Community Veterinary Hospital occur in our specialized dental surgery suite, where your pet will receive: 

  • A thorough cleaning, polishing, and assessment of the entire mouth 
  • Dental radiographs to inspect what is occurring below the gumline  
  • Additional treatments and extractions as needed 

We can treat a variety of oral diseases. However, in some cases, we may recommend your pet see a dental specialist for more complex cases, such as a root canal, complicated jaw fracture, or oral cancer. 

Schedule Your Pet’s Dental Care Consultation Today

Through diagnostic consultations, our skilled team is dedicated to understanding each pet’s unique circumstances to provide the highest quality care. Additional treatment may require added fees, which will be discussed during the exam.

A deposit for the consultation fee is required at the time of appointment booking.

  • Dentistry Consultation: $75
  • Preventative Care/Wellness Consultation: $75
  • Sick Pet Consultation: $95
  • Urgent Care Consultation: $125

Need to cancel? Let us know by calling (503) 285-7722 at least 24 hours ahead of your appointment to avoid forfeiture of your deposit.

Financial Assistance Available

We are dedicated to offering accessible veterinary care to you and your pets. Find out how you can qualify and apply for financial assistance at our Community Veterinary Hospital.

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