Friends Forever Update: Bentley the Cat

One Year with Bentley

By: Mariyah Lowden

Bentley came to OHS through the Friends Forever program, where pets have a place to go if their owner is no longer able to take care of them due to an unexpected medical incapacity or death. By enrolling in the program and making a planned gift, Bentley’s owner secured his future. OHS was there give him food, water, a warm place to sleep, and love until he found another loving home. One year later, Mariyah, Bentley’s owner, gave us this update:

It’s been a little over a year with Bentley now. And I have been thinking about him and his life as well as how Bentley has affected my life. Bentley is so needy and kneady. Has to be in my lap or on my face at all times. But I’m so glad he is loving and affectionate

He’s a spoiled cat. He only eats wet food and I got a fancy automated feeder with ice packs. I brush him consistently and he drinks lots of water with the water fountain. Finally found his favorite treats that are soft enough for him to chew. 

Bentley is the perfect old man and he doesn’t look or act his age. He plays all the time. I am so grateful for his past life, and I get sad that he lost his last owner. I wish I could communicate with Bentley and tell him that she loved him and made sure he got passed on to a good home. I am glad there are organizations like the friends forever and Oregon Humane Society that made this happen. We definitely needed eachother. And I can’t wait for whatever time we have left with each other. 

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