Mack & Cheese: Friends Forever

Happy Tails

When Carrie was diagnosed with a terminal illness, she knew she needed to work fast to put a plan together for her to beloved dogs, Mack and Cheese.

Mack, an 11-year-old lab mix and Cheese a 5-year-old Staffordshire terrier mix weighed over 200 pounds between them both, so Carrie knew it would take a very special adopter to provide a home to her canine family. Plus, she didn’t want them separated as they were a bonded pair. Luckily, she had heard about OHS’ Friends Forever program and trusted that OHS would be able to provide for them when she would no longer be able to, and ensure they stayed together.

When Carrie passed away, OHS received Mack and Cheese the next day and kept true to Carries wishes, keeping them together as a pair while they waited to find a new home that would be able to love and support them both.

Alice arrived at OHS looking for a new canine companion. Her sweet 14-year-old black lab mix had died a couple of years prior, and she was finally ready for a new dog in her life.

When she spotted Mack and Cheese, she was surprised to see the bonded pair and their devoted relationship made an immediate impression on her.

Alice went home without adopting them, but her thoughts kept returning to the goofy duo. After a few days of consideration, she returned, ready to adopt both Mack and Cheese together. Her work from home schedule allows Alice to give Mack and Cheese all the support and attention they need.

It didn’t take long for Mack and Cheese to bond with Alice and each day they grow more at home and comfortable in their new family. Daily walks keep the duo entertained and they are even learning how to cohabitate with Alice’s cat. Though they could both use some manners training, they are blending into their new family with ease and are sweet and loving companions.  Alice says, “I’m really pleased at how well they are doing. Plus, old dogs are the best dogs.”

Mack and Cheese found their new home together, all because Carrie ensured their future through the Friends Forever program, a loving promise made to her most loyal friends.

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