The Gift That Pays You Back

Gift Annuity Rates Are Higher

Did you know that a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) allows you to receive payments for life in exchange for your contribution to Oregon Humane Society? Best of all, gift annuity rates increased this year!

Recently, we spoke with Al and Sherry as they kindly shared their CGA experience.

Al and Sherry, holding their black cat

My name is Al Didier and I am a fellow animal lover like you. In the 40 years my partner Sherry Holley and I have been together, we’ve deeply loved and cared for 16 wonderful cats. It would be an understatement to say we are cat people! And our love for cats extends beyond just those in our home—so we have been longtime supporters of Oregon Humane Society and the cats in their care for over 25 years now.

When we moved to Oregon from Alaska, we had no family nearby that could care for our beloved cats, should the day ever come that we could no longer care for them. 

We were so relieved when we learned about the Friends Forever program at OHS, ensuring our cats would find love and care in the future. Plus, our estate gift would offer continued support for other animals at OHS long into the future.  

After some research, we decided that a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) might be the right gift for us. We scheduled a quick and easy meeting with Gary Kish at OHS to learn more.  

We were excited to learn that CGAs have double impact—not just with financial support to OHS and the animals, but they would provide Sherry and I with a lifetime of income payments back to us, the donor.  

The concept is simple. If you are 65 years or older, and give a $10,000+ CGA gift to OHS, then you will receive a guaranteed annual income for the remainder of your life. The annuity payment amount is fixed at the time of your gift and depends on the age(s) of the income beneficiaries. These payments can be made to you and/or a loved one.  

This was a dream scenario for Sherry and me as we are both retired and dependable, regular income provides some relief for our future. And by making this estate gift, we could enroll all of our beloved cats into the Friends Forever program and guarantee their futures as well.  

Our charitable gift annuity gave us peace of mind and was so easy to set up thanks to the support from OHS staff. So, if you want to guarantee the future of your precious fur family and continue to help improve the lives of shelter pets, take it from me and look no further than a CGA.

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