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OHS Honors Volunteers

| News

We’re Lucky to Have You Compassionate and hardworking volunteers who helped make OHS a success were honored by staff and colleagues at a special event earlier this week. OHS volunteers … Read More

Walking the Dogs

| Blog

On any given day at OHS there are anywhere from 75-130 dogs in our kennels, each of whom needs to go outside for exercise, to relieve themselves, and to have … Read More

Spay & Save Sewing Bee

| Blog

What could provide more comfort to a kitty recovering from a spay/neuter surgery than a soft, warm blanket hand-crafted by talented volunteer seamstresses? Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty On any given … Read More

Running with Dogs

| Blog

Ever wanted to take a shelter dog out for a run or a hike? You can, as a member of the OHS Canine Running Team! Members of this team are … Read More

Hayward Cats Get a Second Chance

| Blog

The OHS Second Chance crew provides an update on a recent intake of pets from a shelter in need. Not familiar with Second Chance? Read an introduction here » Second … Read More