Racism Has No Place in a More Humane Society

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We believe that Black Lives Matter

The mission of the Oregon Humane Society is to create a more humane society. For us, this is more than a billboard or slogan; it is a vision that inspires us every day.

And yet, the killing of George Floyd has been a painful reminder that the inequities in our world cause our society to be anything but humane for Black communities. In our efforts to foster an environment of kindness, compassion and respect, we have a responsibility to stand up for those who are hurting — including people.

More than 150 years ago, OHS’ founders used their collective voices to expose injustices toward animals and children in our community. Today, every interaction we have is an opportunity to help build a more humane societyand that begins with being committed to being an anti-racist organization.

At OHS, we are taking the following steps:

  • We are revisiting our recruiting practices and training to make sure we are promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce with a zero tolerance policy regarding racism and other forms of discrimination.
  • We have set up a confidential inbox so employees have an easy way to provide input.
  • We will be forming a Diversity and Inclusion Committee so our employees have a place to share ideas and support each other so we can all continue learning.
  • We are researching bringing in an outside expert to help facilitate a discussion about race and help identify some of our blind spots.

The call to create a more humane society has never felt more relevant than it does in this moment. We believe that Black Lives Matter and we join with those fighting for change and raising their voice. Because a more humane society is not just about compassion for animals — it’s about who we are at the core, how we treat other people and standing up for what is right.


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