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Training in Salem

We want to help keep pets happy in their homes by educating people about humane, responsible treatment and training of their companion pets.

Our training and behavior department offers group, private and virtual training for your dog, puppy, cat or kitten.

Pet Training Opportunities

Experience training that goes beyond sit and roll over. Training with your dog or puppy can help exercise their mind and strengthen your bond. Training with your cat or kitten can help them gain confidence and keep them entertained.

For classes at OHS, registration fees are per pet.

In-Person Classes

In-person training services take place at Oregon Humane Society Salem Campus.

Best Beginnings

$180 for six weeks of training. Puppies attending should be 9 to 15 weeks old at the start of class.

In this fun and informative class, you will learn how to set your puppy up for success in your home. You’ll discover how to handle play-biting and potty training and learn how to teach your puppy cues like sit, down, come, and name recognition.  In addition, your puppy will have time to safely socialize with other puppies in your class.

Puppies attending should be 9 to 15 weeks old at the start of class. If your pup will be 16 weeks or older when class begins, please sign up for either our Adolescent Manners Class or our Level 1 Class in Levels instead.

The first class is for people only, please leave your puppy at home.

Class Requirements

Please limit attendance to 2 people. Please contact us if you need to make an exception or bring your children to class. If you (or anyone in your household) are not feeling well, please stay home.

Your puppy must be:

  • Between 9 and 15 weeks of age at the START of class (not at the time you sign you up online).
  • Up-to-date on vaccinations. Your puppy must have received at least one round of a distemper/parvo combination vaccine at least seven days prior to starting class. Bordetella vaccine is recommended. Rabies vaccination and spay/neuter are not required since dogs are under 7 months of age.
  • Healthy and free of any symptoms of illness. No coughing, sneezing, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. within 24 hours of class.

Puppy Playtime

Puppy Playtime 1 is for puppies 9 – 13 weeks 
Puppy Playtime 2 is for puppies 11 – 18 weeks

$20 per session
During our Puppy Playtime you can introduce your puppy to other healthy puppies and allow them to interact and socialize! Helping your puppy learn the appropriate way to play with other Pups can help prevent behavioral problems as they mature. In between play sessions, our certified dog trainers give you some basic tips and apply simple training games so you will have the best relationship possible with your puppy!

If there is not a “Book” button on the widget, then the Romp you are interested in attending is sold out as we limit this class to 5 puppies. Please continue to check back for spots to open up. Walk-ins are not allowed during this time.

  • If your puppy has shown signs of fear or aggression towards other puppies, please call us at (503) 585-5900 ext. 318 or email us prior to attending.

Tweens and Teens

$180 for six weeks of training. For dogs 4 months – 1 year of age

This class will help you through the challenge of dog adolescence. Using positive reinforcement, we will review basic cues plus learn new ways to deal with adolescent behaviors such as demanding attention and leash walking. The focus will be on teaching your teenage puppy to make appropriate choices, apply self-control around distractions, and grow to be a polite and well-socialized adult dog!

Life Skills 1: (Basic Manners)

$180 for six weeks of classes – For dogs four months and up

The first week of class is for humans only. Please leave your dog at home. We look forward to training with the canine half of your team for the next five weeks!

Life Skills 1 is our version of Basic Manners Classes. Examples of what you will learn in Life Skills 1 is:

  • Beginning Come when Called
  • Beginning “leave it”
  • Beginning “go to bed”
  • “Wait” at the door
  • Focus & Attention Exercises
  • Intro to loose leash walking
  • Managing Polite Greetings
  • Routine Settle
  • “Touch” Hand Targeting
  • Sit, Down, and Stay
  • Intro to Heel
  • Routine Settle and Polite Greetings Continued

Please note: Dogs who display aggression towards other dogs or humans are not appropriate for this class. Please contact us to schedule a private training session.

Life Skills 2: (Basic Manners)

$180 for six weeks of classes. For dogs four months and up

Life Skills 2 continues on from Life Skills 1. You and your dog will learn new skills such as:

  • Beginning “drop it”
  • Calm greeting guests
  • Loose Leash Walking with Increased Focus
  • “Watch” on Cue
  • Learning a trick!
  • Advanced “leave it”
  • Advanced “drop it”
  • Heel with Side Sit
  • Stay with Increased Distance and Distraction
  • Come When Called with Increased Distance
  • “Advanced “go to bed” (adding distance and duration)
  • Generalizing learned cues to new environments


Graduation from Life Skill 1, or Tweens & Teens or instructor approval.

Life Skills 3:

$180 for six weeks of classes

We take what you have learned in Life Skills 1 and 2 and we take the training on-the-road! We will be exploring canine-friendly venues around Salem with your classmates and their dogs. Training your dog for polite public behavior was never more fun!

Public Smart Start is a seasonal outdoor course offered in late spring, summer, and early fall.


Graduation from Life Skills 2, or graduate of Private Training or instructor approval.

Smart Games (Specialty Class)

$120 for four weeks of training – For Dogs 4 months and up

Looking for something fun and educational to do with your dog? Then join us for “Smart Games” where you will learn how to use games and tricks to train basic manners and provide your dog with exercise as well as much needed mental enrichment. We will teach you low impact activities good for adolescents and seniors alike that combine training with enjoyment and highlight all the opportunities for you to apply the techniques in the real world. A basic knowledge of marker training is helpful but not required! This lively class is for dogs 4 months and older, and we welcome more than one handler per dog so that the whole family can join in on the fun!

Week 1 – Fun Tricks
Week 2 – Agility
Week 3 – Parkour
Week 4 – Scent Games

Dog Parkour (Specialty Class)

$120 for four weeks of training – For dogs 1 year and up

This exciting, non-competitive training course introduces your dog to fun new obstacles and challenges, including jumps and platforms, for climbing, balancing, crawling, and going around.

Parkour enhances body awareness, increases range of motion and balance, and builds confidence.


Your dog should know sit and down

Dog Reactivity Smarts (Specialty Class)

$150 for four weeks of training. For dogs eight months and up

Does your dog lunge and bark when they see other dogs when out on a walk? In this class you will learn strategic management tools, safe leash handling and positive training techniques that will help create a calmer dog and handler and make walk-time more enjoyable.

We’ll lead you through guided practice sessions with progressively more difficult triggers, building up to exercises around one other dog to help teach and encourage calm, appropriate behavior. By the end of the course, you will have a lot of skills and increased confidence to continue training with your dog at home and out in the world.

For more practice, you have the option to enroll in this course a second time!

Dog Reactivity Smarts does not address off-leash aggression issues. If your dog is reactive towards people, worried about new environments, or if you’d just like to focus more on loose-leash walking and impulse control, try our in-person or virtual private classes.

Please note: The first class is for humans only. Please do not bring your dog to class. This class is for dogs who have never bitten another dog. If your dog has bitten another dog please contact us for other options.

Canine Good Citizen Preparation Course (AKC Title Class)

$150* for five weeks of training. For dogs 1 year and up.

*Exam will be given on the last week. The OHS-Salem exam fee is included in the class fee.

CGC Prep Class is an advanced 5-week class for graduates of our Life Skills courses. It covers exercises to prepare you and your dog for the CGC test. We will learn how to help our dog be successful with the 10 skill elements of the test, such as: greeting strangers politely, basic loose leash walking, stay and calmly passing another dog.  The last week of the class is devoted to the test itself.

  • Dogs need to be 1 year or older at the start of the class.
  • Have completed Life Skills 1 and Life Skills 2, or completed Teens & Tweens
  • Positive Reinforcement training experience in a group class setting is required.
  • Owners need to be familiar with marker training.
  • Owners need to be able to recognize their dogs’ calming signals.

NOTE: As in all our classes, treats and positive reinforcement methods are used. As a reminder, flexible/extendable leashes, leash corrections, choke chains, prong collars, or shock collars are not allowed.

AKC Novice Trick Dog Course

$120 for four weeks of training. For dogs four months and up

Do you and your dog love to be the life of the party by showing off his arsenal of tricks? Then he might be perfectly primed to earn AKC Trick Dog titles!

In our course, you will learn how to teach your dog the following ten tricks:

Crawl, Get in a box, High Five, Hoop, Paws up, Push up, Shake, Sit in a box, Spin & Twist (aka Turn), Touch – And many bonus tricks!

The last week of the course will be exam day! You & your dog will be tested on ten tricks (five tricks if your dog has an AKC CGC title) and could earn their AKC Novice Trick Dog title.

For more information check out the AKC Trick Dog Website:

*Exam will be given during last week. The OHS-Salem exam fee is included in the class cost. AKC Charges additional fee for registration and certificate.

Kitten-garten Class for Kittens

$95 for four weeks of training

Kittens 6 months and younger

Congratulations on your new kitten! There is so much for a kitten to learn, let us get started in the right paw with the fun and informative virtual class.

Learn some fundamentals to make tasks easier, like nail trims, and how to make the crate and car less scary! Learn some fun tricks, like how to sit or give high-five. This class will prepare your kitten for a better adulthood.

Virtual Tricks Class for Cats

$95 for four weeks of training

Cats 7 months to senior

Want a fun bonding experience with your cat? Let’s teach them some tricks! When you train with your cat, you keep them entertained and boost their confidence. Not only can the training help with entering a crate, but your cat can also learn how to touch, or ring a bell!

Virtual Navigating Canine Adolescence Live Presentation

$25 for 1-hour class. People only.

Are you seeing more challenging behavior from your dog now that they are between 5 months and 2 years old? Jumping on people, easily distracted, acting like a leash gremlin and sometimes driving you crazy—it might seem like they forgot everything learned in puppy class. This is normal! Your dog is a canine adolescent, which can start as early as 16-17 weeks, and these “teenage years” are a particularly difficult time for both the dogs and their people. Learn how to use positive reinforcement training, games, and management techniques to guide your dog into a stress-free, happy adulthood.

1/29/23 Class

2/15/23 Class

Virtual What is my dog telling me?

$25 for 1 hour class. People Only.

During this interactive presentation, you’ll learn how dogs express themselves using body language. Keep your dog happy and safe by learning how to tell when he’s worried or unhappy. This is a great class for all dog owners – especially those who visit dog parks, have kids at home or who have just adopted a new dog.

2/8/22 Class

Help for your Leash-Reactive Dog Live Presentation

$25 for 1 hour class. People Only.

Is it a struggle to walk your dog because they bark and lunge, or they pay attention to everything in the environment other than you? This virtual seminar will cover causes and treatment options for reactive behavior of any kind, with special focus on the leash-reactive dog. Led by an instructor from our popular Reactive Rover class, students in this one-hour class will learn about positive training techniques, habit changes and management techniques that can improve walks with enough practice and consistency. Attendees will also get information about group classes and private training that may help them reach their goals.

2/26/23 Class

Private Lesson

Do you need training advice with your puppy or dog? Maybe you need help starting off in the right direction with your new puppy or maybe you are having behavior problems? We can help!

During a one-on-one consultation, we will address your specific needs. You will learn easy to implement techniques to improve your pet’s behavior using positive reinforcement to train desired responses. We offer one-time sessions, or you can purchase a package with multiple visits. Visits for dogs and puppies can be in person at OHS-Salem or be virtual.

We Can Help With:

  • Shy/Fearful behaviors
  • Preparing your pet for a baby
  • Multi-pet Household problems
  • Puppy Training
  • Leash Reactivity
  • A new pet adjust to their new home
  • And more!

We specialize in helping pets with special needs and pets from shelters.


A single 45-minute lesson is $85.

A three-pack of 45-minute lessons is $225.

Consultation fees are per household, not pet. Let us know in the “Dog’s (or Dogs’) Name” field if you plan to have two pets with you. If bringing two dogs to an appointment at OHS, please have a handler for each dog.


  • Behavior description: You will be asked several questions during your registration regarding your dog’s behavior. Please answer them as accurately as possible to help us create a training plan catered to your dog’s needs.

Our training philosophy focuses on building a strong, healthy bond between a dog and his person through positive reinforcement. We do not like to use fear or intimidation-based tactics. OHS trainers believe that reward-based techniques and education on canine behavior is the best way to promote a trusting and respectful relationship between individuals and their dogs.

OHS trainers use scientifically based, positive reinforcement training methods. For this reason we ask that dogs do not wear prong collars (metal or plastic), choke chains or electronic collars to any of the classes. We also ask that dogs are on a regular, 6ft leash – no flexi leashes please. If you and your dogs are using any of the above, our trainers are always happy to suggest an alternative. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Bring your dog on a collar or harness and a 4-6 Ft leash.
  • Bring medium to high value treats cut into small pieces ( for example: liver, cheese, chicken or jerky)
  • Bring a treat pouch, fanny pack or an apron to keep your treats in during training, this will free your hands to handle your dog easier
  • Bring something for your dog to lay down on, such as a towel, dog bed or old yoga mat
  • If desired, bring a water bottle and a chew toy (no squeaky toys please) for your dog to relax with in between exercises.

Sign Up for Training Classes

We are in the process of changing our class scheduling program. If you have any problems with signing up for a class by clicking on the above sign-in buttons, please contact us at [email protected]

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