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Cat & Kitten Training

Build your bond with your kitty, increase their mental stimulation, and curb unwanted behavior with our available classes—made just for cats and kittens.

All of our feline classes are virtual, as cats respond better to training from the comfort of their own home.

Virtual Cat Training Classes

Live & Led by a Certified Trainer

Learn about a specific topic with one of our certified trainers from the comfort of your home or during your lunch break. These live, virtual group classes are kept small (up to 6 people) so you can get all your questions answered.

We use Mindbody for our scheduling software, which works best with Chrome. When you sign up for your first class, you will be asked to set up an account with Mindbody, using a login and password that is unique to you. Once you sign up, the access link will be emailed 30 minutes prior to the start of class.

Bringing a new kitten or cat home is an exciting time. However, it’s crucial to approach introductions with care and patience to ensure a smooth transition for all involved.

In this class, we’ll discuss the significance of a gradual introduction process, as well as how to properly set up your home to facilitate the introduction. Join us as we explore tips and techniques aimed at minimizing stress and fostering harmony among your pets.

Bring your questions to this live virtual class. (45 minutes)

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Jumping on the counter is common for cats to do—they are closer to you, they find good stuff to eat, and they can explore—but that is not always the best for them (or you). Maybe your cat has decided your favorite chair is fun to scratch.

In this class, you’ll learn what you can do to discourage unwanted behaviors. Do you have other behaviors you would like to address? Bring your questions to this live virtual class. (45 minutes)

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Discover your cat’s potential with clicker training! Have you ever wanted to teach your kitty cool tricks like high five or jump through your arms? Or maybe just respond to their name?

In this class, you’ll learn how to start the process of positive reinforcement to encourage your cat to interact with you for rewards. Cats are very curious, and need daily enrichment to give them mental and physical stimulation—especially if they are indoor only. We’ll teach you how to create positive experiences, fun activities, and entertainment for your cat.

Bring your questions to this live virtual class. (45 minutes)

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Have you thought of going for walks or hikes with your cat? Hiking, camping, and walking with cats is increasing in popularity in the PNW.

In this class, you’ll learn the steps and tools you will need to have your cat feel comfortable going out in the world with you. These include using a harness, what to do when a dog is on the same path as you, creating a safe space for your cat, and more. Strengthen the bond between you and your cat, while giving them exercise and mental stimulation.

Bring your questions to this live virtual class. (45 minutes)

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Congratulations on your new kitten! Kittens are fun, active, and very smart—so start them off right with our Kitten-garten class (for kittens 6 months and younger). 

In this class, we will help them grow up to be a well-adjusted cat by teaching how to make experiences less scary (such as going in the crate or going to the vet), how to make nails trims a positive experience, and how to manage unwanted behaviors before they start. Training helps cats be less stressed which keeps them healthier!

Bring your questions to these live virtual classes. (45 minutes)

Note: This class will be held through Zoom Meetings. Please opt in to receive emails containing important information about attending Zoom classes, including meeting links.

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Did you recently adopt a new kitten? Need some help navigating your cat’s litter box issues? Get more useful tips on helping your pet with our free and on-demand videos.

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Have questions about our training facilities or classes? Need more help for your pet? Check out our frequently-asked questions, use our interactive resource tool, sign up for a training class, or book a private training to find solutions.

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