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OHS Telethon on Oct. 5

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The biggest audience watching the OHS telethon on Oct. 5 may just be … your pets!  Cats and dogs and bunnies will be guarding TV remotes on Oct. 5, with … Read More

Photo Contest Winners 2017

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Thanks to everyone who entered the 2017 OHS Fuzzy, Furry, and Feathered Friends Photo Contest. The contest has ended and nearly $15,000 was raised for shelter animals! Congratulations to to … Read More

Texas Dogs Available for Adoption

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Boots, an eight-week-old shepherd puppy, was one of five dogs who arrived at OHS last week from San Antonio, Texas. Boots came to OHS as part of an ongoing effort … Read More

First Pets From Texas Arriving

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A flight of pets in need of adoption from Texas is scheduled to touch down in Oregon on Friday, Sept. 1, helping to relieve the pressure Hurricane Harvey is creating … Read More