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Yes on Endangered Species Measure

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A proposed Oregon ballot measure that would outlaw the sale or purchase of animal parts from 12 endangered species has gained the support of OHS. The organizing group, Save Endangered … Read More

Italian Greyhounds Find Homes

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A crowd of nearly 40 Italian greyhound fans gathered at the front door of OHS the morning of Jan. 8, eager to get the first chance at adopting one of … Read More

Cold Weather Tips for Pets

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When the temperature begins to fall, pets need extra care. OHS offers tips to keep pets safe and healthy during cold weather. If the weather becomes too severe, please bring … Read More

Adoption Record Broken!

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OHS set a new adoption record yesterday when it found a home for Panther, making the lucky nine-month-old cat the 11,522nd pet adopted from OHS in 2015. That number represents the … Read More

OHS Helps Pets During Evacuation

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OHS has teamed up with Clackamas County to aid pets owned by apartment residents who were forced to evacuate because of a potential landslide. Earlier this week, residents of ten … Read More

IRA Rollover Gifts Can Help Pets

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Congress today passed legislation that once again allows tax-favored gifts from IRA accounts. This is a great way to help pets and save on taxes. Under the new legislation (which … Read More

A Walk on the Westside

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You may already know that the main OHS campus is located in northeast Portland, Oregon. Did you know that OHS also has a specialized adoption facility located in southwest Portland? … Read More