Radar and Tina Find Their Way Home

A Special Pair of Dogs Find Their Forever Home

The two dogs were a bit of an odd couple, but they had a unique bond that was evident as soon as they arrived at OHS. Radar, the deaf pitbull, and Tina, the sensitive lab mix, met in a shelter in Oklahoma and quickly became inseparable. They seemed to find a purpose with each other as Tina would guide Radar and Radar would comfort Tina.

As they settled in at OHS, they quickly became a favorite among staff and volunteers. Radar’s endearing under-bite and silly personality, and Tina’s gentle nature instantly drew people in.

It took a little more than a week for them to find the final step in their journey – a loving home. Glenda and Shannon had been looking to adopt a bonded pair of dogs, and Radar and Tina fit the bill perfectly.

It’s been several weeks since Radar and Tina went home and Glenda reports that they “have settled into their forever home quite nicely.”

Here is a little more from Glenda on life with Radar and Tina:

We couldn’t ask for sweeter pups. They’ve met extended family and friends and have enjoyed adventures.

They’re almost always together. He follows her lead, so if she’s moving, he’s not far behind. We have a huge, fenced yard and they love running and chasing with each other. They love an audience when playing and love to cuddle – with us and each other – when resting. It’s been 18 days since they joined our family, but it seems like much longer since they fit in so well. We couldn’t be happier. 

Happy Tails Radar and Tina and a heartfelt thank you to Glenda and Shannon for giving this pair of dogs the perfect home.