Olympic Athlete Meets a Champion Companion

Fabulous Frito Shows Off His New Skills

Two-time gold medalist, Ryan Crouser, is officially headed for Paris to compete in the 2024 summer Olympics—in hopes of becoming the first shot-put athlete ever to win three consecutive gold medals.  

Ryan is no stranger to the hard work and dedication it takes to qualify for the Olympics and credits his loyal dog for supporting him through it all. The special bond between Ryan and Koda has helped the athlete stay centered, even when his eyes are set on the ultimate prize.  

A gorgeous black lab with Olympic-sized energy, Koda is also no stranger to an active lifestyle, where she thrives by Ryan’s side, always ready for their next adventure. Ryan is just as dedicated to Koda’s success as she is to his. The duo are often found together, staying in shape and supporting Koda’s exuberance and joy as she continually marvels at the world around her. Truly, Koda has not met a person she doesn’t want to be friends with. While practicing long retrieval and hand signals help her stay sharp, above all, Koda loves to swim.  

After officially qualifying for the Olympics in Eugene, animal-enthusiast Ryan took a breather, and stopped by Oregon Humane Society for a tour and a chance to meet some incredible shelter pets.

One charmer—whose high energy and gregarious personality reminded him of his sweet Koda—was Frito.

Sheltered in a quiet corner of the Behavior and Rescue Center at OHS’ Portland campus, Frito is enrolled in the Behavior Modification Program where he works on managing his exuberant behaviors, much like Ryan’s work supporting Koda. Also, like Koda, Frito has never met a person he isn’t thrilled to meet.

Ryan and Frito both showed off their skills in a treat toss challenge. Ryan’s steady Olympic level toss helped showcase the incredible impact the BRC is having on building Frito’s skills and confidence.

Ryan is familiar with both the challenges and the rewards that come with having a pup with a little extra zest for life, but he wouldn’t trade Koda’s unconditional love for anything in the world. “I can’t remember what I did before I had her,” Crouser shared. In fact, some of his proudest moments working with Koda are the “lightbulb moments” when he can see the training finally click.

Frito has been in shelter for over 150 days—an already lengthy stay and part of an unfortunate trend seen by shelters across the country as adoption rates for large dogs steadily decline despite his friendly personality.  

This energetic, goofy boy is looking for a new, loving family, excited to engage him in new adventures, like running or swimming, to help him manage his energy in fun ways. In return, Frito promises to provide you with an incredible bond and unconditional love that just might motivate you to Olympic heights!  

Thanks to Ryan, Frito’s new family will receive a special care package, courtesy of Nulo Pet Foods 

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Check out all the adoptable pets on Ryan’s Team below or find a gold medal companion of your very own by visiting our shelters in Portland and Salem or browse online at https://www.oregonhumane.org/adopt/  

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