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Speak Up to Fight Animal Cruelty

SB696 would ensure permanent funding for an animal cruelty-focused attorney within the Oregon Department’s Justice’s Criminal Division. Oregon’s current Animal Cruelty Deputy District Attorney, Jacob Kamins, has been critical in securing justice for abused and neglected animals in hundreds of cases and this grant-funded role will run out of money by the end of 2023. Action is needed now to ensure this vital role in combating animal cruelty in Oregon has permanent funding.

Oregon has some of the strictest animal cruelty and neglect laws on the books. This prosecutor would ensure Oregon continues to be one of the safest states for companion animals.

Senate Bill 696 is in jeopardy and Oregon is at risk of losing this valuable resource.

Please, voice your support for Senate Bill 696. A final vote is expected soon.

You can help today by contacting these legislators and imploring them to support SB696 :

Rep. Paul Evans – District 20 Monmouth​[email protected]
Sen. Janeen Sollman – District 15 Hillsboro[email protected]
Rep. Dacia Grayber – District 28 Tigard[email protected]
Rep. Greg Smith – District 57 Umatilla, Morrow, Gilliam, Sherman, Wheeler, Wasco, Jefferson, Marion & Clackamas Counties. [email protected]
Rep. David Gomberg – District 10 – Lincoln and Western Benton & Lane Counties[email protected]
Rep. Jeff Helfrich – District 52 Hood River Counties[email protected]
Sen. Elizabeth Steiner – District 17 – NW Portland/Beaverton[email protected]
Rep. Tawna Sanchez – Democrat – District 43 – North and Northeast Portland[email protected]

Please COPY and PASTE the following prewritten letter into your email client of choice, fill in the pertinent details and send it to the state Representatives and Senators listed above:

Email Subject:

Support Senate Bill 696

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Dear Senator / Representative [last name]:

As your constituent and an animal advocate, I am writing to urge you to support Senate Bill 696. Senate Bill 696 will provide permanent funding through the Department of Justice for an Animal Cruelty Resource Prosecutor. Oregon has some of the strictest animal welfare laws in the country. But laws alone are not enough.

Justice for animal victims requires a skilled prosecutor who understands the complexities of animal welfare laws. Oregon is lucky to have a grant-funded Animal Cruelty Deputy District Attorney, Jacob Kamins. His expertise has been critical in securing justice for abused and neglected animals in hundreds of cases.

Senate Bill 696 would permanently fund an Animal Cruelty Resource Prosecutor for the State of Oregon, ensuring that animals are given the protections they deserve for years to come.

A study by Journal of Interpersonal Violence shows a strong link between animal abuse and violence against people. In fact, 75% of people who have experienced violence in the home report that their abuser has also committed violence against animals. These statistics indicate that a dedicated animal cruelty prosecutor who advocates on behalf of animal victims may also be helping to protect human victims from abuse.

Oregon deserves an Animal Cruelty Resource Prosecutor to seek justice for victims who have no voice. Senate Bill 696 would ensure permanent funding for this critical position.

Please vote YES for Senate Bill 696.


[your name]

[your full address]