Dashing is for the Dogs: An Insider’s Guide to the annual OHS Dog Fest  

Tubby and princess bonded pair of shelter cars wearing silly hats

Tubby & Princess

2023 official Doggie Dash Correspondents

It comes every year, rain or shine, the dogs of Portland take over the Tom McCall Waterfront Park and dash to raise funds for all the animals at OHS. While no self-respecting cat would ever participate in such an event, they are honored to offer their commentary. 

Official Kitty-Correspondents Tubby and Princess (adopted from OHS on April 9, 2023) gave us the rundown on what to expect for one of the most anticipated events of the season.  

Speckled brown and white dog wearing a rainbow tutu posing for the camera at the Doggie Dash
Group of Doggie Dash racers and dogs ready to race in the Doggie Dash
Golden retriever looking right at the camera during the 2022 Doggie Dash event

Tubby: Doggie Dash is right around the corner, May 13 to be exact. I for one am excited to watch from a safe distance, possibly somewhere high up, as the dogs do what dogs do best—trot along. Thank goodness for leashes! What about you Princess? 

Princess: Yes, I too feel the excitement in the air. Tails are already wagging. Like you I would never participate in such an event, but I am glad the dogs will be out there dashing. I for one will be enjoying a meow-mosa in the Doggie Dash VIP tent. Or shall I say, I will enjoy knocking meow-mosa glasses off tables and watching humans try and catch them, ahahaha!  

Tubby: Oh yes, the VIP tent is truly the cat’s-pajamas. If you are a President’s Circle donor, whether or not you are dashing, you get to enjoy Royal Restroom’s temperature-controlled luxury bathrooms access. Need I say more? 

Princess: No! I think that covers it! I love a tidy restroom. And, I for one am looking forward to the costumes! Every year these dogs willingly put on the most outrageous garb — I would hiss if anyone came near me with a banana costume — but I dare say, the dogs seem to actually enjoy it.  

Tubby: Oh yes — the costumes, what a parade! I hear we will have correspondents on the field looking for the most outrageous- ehm- “adorable” costumes.  

Princess: Yep, that’s right—I suppose if you must be dressed like a banana or some irreverent tv icon then you should probably try and win something for it. Plus, I don’t mind seeing the dogs dressed to the nines— I must admit, it warms my heart to see the dogs out there looking so foolish without a care in the world. 

Tubby: With that, don’t forget the VIP Tent will also have warm drinks from our purr-fect friends at Starbucks. And there will be plenty of chairs for lounging. That is, if you get there before me. I plan to sit in all the chairs at some point in the day. Where I fits, I sits.  

Princess: I can’t think of anything more dignified than this VIP tent- it really is the height of luxury. I also must say that even though this event is, how do you say it, “dog-forward”, all of the dollars raised go to support all of the animals at OHS — even the birds. 

Tubby: That’s right Princess, even the birds. How delicious. The dogs really put on a very good show this day, so again even if you don’t have a “doggo”, as some dog-people like to say, then you should still come and donate. Because it really is a very good claws. See what I did there?  

Princess: Yes Tubby, I caught that like a good string, and I appreciate it. And you can start fundraising right meow. Visit doggiedash.org for more information — even if you are a cat person!