You Help Protect Animals from Cruelty and Neglect.

My name is Veronica Broadley, Oregon Humane Society’s Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) Support Services Manager. And I will never forget California King’s story… 

On the day our HLE team received a call from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office to support a suspected neglect case in Salem we were already on location assisting with a situation involving 30 malamute dogs.

When an Animal Control Deputy and a Salem Police Officer arrived at the Salem residence, they were shocked. An overwhelming number of cats were crowded together in filthy conditions – thin, sick, and meowing from hunger and thirst. This was not a case they could tackle alone, but they knew who to call for help – OHS.

A wave of panic and disbelief moved through me. I thought to myself, “How are we going to respond to two large cases in the same day?” But the concerns vanished as our team got to work, doing what we do best, planning for the care of these cats.

OHS’ Salem Campus was close by, so the cats wouldn’t need to travel far to receive the care they deserved. Everyone at OHS hopped into action to assist this large and unexpected intake of animals.

California King the white and brown cat posing for the camera at OHS Salem Campus
Cats in kennel after being rescued from a neglect case in Polk County
California King posing for the camera at OHS Salem Campus

After multiple trips made by Polk County officers, they retrieved an overwhelming 87 cats.

Several weeks later, another call came. The police officer was informed that this owner had even more cats at their property. OHS could said ‘yes’ again to 12 more cats – bringing the total to an astonishing 99 animals saved.

It took two full days to complete the detailed intake so the truth of what these animals endured could be documented and their road to recovery could begin.

These cats were unsocialized, but it didn’t take long before the fearful exterior began to melt away. One by one they began to heal.

It doesn’t surprise me that California King became a staff favorite. His big, gentle body would press into the kennel door whenever someone walked past, and his perky mews echoed throughout the shelter as he chirped for attention. This boy was a lover despite everything he had been through.

When a special family came to meet him, they saw what staff had known all along. This warm-hearted cat was ready for love. They took California King home that very same day.

California King the cat posing for the camera at his new home
Calfornia King the cat being held by adopter
California King the cat curled up on the couch an sleeping at his new home

These stories of rescue and resiliency are the ones that touch my heart and push me forward, headlong into the important and emotional work of protecting animals. The cats’ previous owners are now facing 99 charges of Animal Neglect in the Second Degree – one for each cat.

Your gifts provide this lifesaving, essential service to help protect animals like California King from cruelty and neglect.