OHS Pets Share their New Year’s Resolutions

The pets at OHS have shared their new year resolutions with us. Take a look at what these sweet faces will be working on this year!:


Noodle’s resolution for 2022 is to spend more time exercising and getting into shape. He knows it will be hard because he mostly just wants to be lazy and snuggle, but with the right environment he is certain he can accomplish his goal! Are you who Noodle needs to help him reach his goal? Noodle was adopted on Dec. 13, 2021.






In 2022, Luca will be working on being more responsible with his toys. Sometimes he gets a little too excited and has been known to destroy his toys. Could you help him learn to be more responsible? Luca is available for adoption!






Snickers can be a little fearful when it comes to interacting with others. In 2022, he wants to work on his bravery and confidence when it comes to meeting people. Snickers will have lots of time to work on this in his new home! He was adopted on Jan. 6, 2022.






One of Nathaniel’s favorite past times is watching the bird videos his friends at OHS play for him on the computer. In 2022, he is determined to finally catch one of the birds in the videos. Luckily, Nathaniel will have lots of time to work on this in his new home! He was adopted on December 6, 2021.






Vincent, a staff-favorite, has been at OHS since June 2021. His resolution for 2022 is simple: find his fur-ever home. Maybe it’s with you! Vincent is available for adoption now!