Black and white rabbit getting weighed by OHS med team

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  • 2023 Resolutions from the Pets of OHS

    A new year offers the chance to set new goals and make resolutions to guide you through the year. Have you made your 2023 resolutions yet? The pets at OHS […]

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  • You Help Protect Animals from Cruelty and Neglect.

    My name is Veronica Broadley, Oregon Humane Society’s Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) Support Services Manager. And I will never forget California King’s story…  On the day our HLE team received […]

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  • Heroic People and Pets Honored at OHS’ Diamond Collar Awards

    Meet the Heroes Oregon Humane Society honored exceptional people and pets at the annual Diamond Collar Awards on Feb. 22, 2023. Recipients were recognized for their compassion, tenacity, kindness, and […]

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  • Buddha’s Story: How A Community Came Together to Save a Loving Pet

    The Day Buddha’s Life was Saved Many people will remember the recent winter storm for the record snowfall, mind-boggling traffic, and bitter cold. But Preston and the staff at OHS’ […]

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  • ASPCA is Matching Donations to the New Road Ahead Up to $250,000

    The Road to the Finish Line By donating over $2 million already, the ASPCA has supported Oregon Humane Society’s New Road Ahead expansion project since its inception in 2016. We […]

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  • From a Number to a Name

    Croissant’s Story If there’s one thing we know about beagles, it’s that they love to “sing”. So, when the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) contacted OHS for help […]

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  • Rescued Dogs from Jackson County Arrive at OHS

    On Oct. 19, Jackson County Animal Services—on behalf of Jackson County Sheriff’s Office—reached out to Oregon Humane Society’s Humane Law Enforcement team to help with a disturbing case. After serving […]

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  • Dogs & Cats move in to Oregon Humane Society’s Behavior and Rescue Center (BRC)

    In mid-December, a dozen dogs and cats who were part of OHS’ Behavior Modification (BMOD) program made the short journey to their new kennels inside the recently opened Behavior and […]

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  • Oregon Humane Society partners with Blanchet House to Help Pets

    Once a month, Dr. Mack makes himself available to consult with pet owners receiving services from Blanchet House. He is available to answer questions and, when needed, facilitate referrals to […]

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