Friends Forever 2023 – Dynamic Duo

In 2023, a special duo found a new home thanks to the Friends ForeverTM program. What goes together better than mac and cheese? Mack + Cheese + a new loving home.

This bonded pair came from the same household. When their former owner was diagnosed with a terminal illness, she acted quickly and put together a plan for her beloved dogs, Mack and Cheese. When Carrie passed away, OHS received Mack and Cheese the next day and kept true to Carries wishes, keeping them together as a pair while they waited to find a new home that would be able to love and support them both. 

Alice arrived at OHS looking for a new canine companion. Her sweet 14-year-old black lab mix had died a couple of years prior, and she was finally ready for a new dog in her life.  When she spotted Mack and Cheese, she was surprised to see the bonded pair and their devoted relationship made an immediate impression on her.  

Not long after, Mack and Cheese found their new home with Alice. Alice says, “I’m really pleased at how well they are doing. Plus, old dogs are the best dogs.”  

Mack and Cheese found their new home together, all because Carrie ensured their future through the Friends Forever program, a loving promise made to her most loyal friends.  

Enrollment in the Friends Forever program is possible with an estate gift of any size or type. The Friends Forever program provides peace of mind knowing that a much-loved furry family member will be cared for by OHS and adopted to a new, loving home.

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