OHS Photo Calendar Contest 2023

Picture Perfect

Thank you to everyone who participated in OHS’ 2023 Photo Calendar Contest. Over 200 photos were entered this year, and they received over 20,000 votes in total!

Photos were entered into one of four categories: Best Dog, Best Cat, Best Other Pet, and Best Odd Couple. Friends, family, and fans were encouraged to cast their votes for their favorite photo(s) between September 8, 2023 – October 13, 2023.

Pets Helping Pets

OHS’ Photo Calendar Contest is much more than a friendly competition: it’s also a fundraiser! Each entry and vote cast helped to raise essential funds for OHS programs, allowing us to continue our important mission of creating a More Humane Society.

This year – thanks to your support – we were able to raise over $30,000. A picture perfect result for pets in need!

And the winners are…


1st – Bailey

Baylee Best Dog (1st) for 2023 Photo Contest

“Baylee came to Oregon Humane Society from Fresno, CA. She was only at OHS 6 days before being adopted. We are the luckiest pet-parents; Baylee is sweet, well-behaved, and loves everyone. We are grateful for OHS and the care they provide to deserving pets.”

2nd – Zeus

Zeus Best Dog (2nd) 2023 Photo Contest

“Zeus comes to stay in Oregon in the summer with his family. He is a loving 150 pound Rottweiler and a gentle giant who is protective of his family. He and Aria are best buddies as you can see.”

3rd – Katie

“Katie is 8 yrs old & recently adopted. Great companion, loving, funny, sweet personality & has found her forever home. Rescues are the best ever.”


1st – Nathia

Nathia - Best Cat (1st) for 2023 Photo Contest

“Nathia came to us from OHS and the wonderful Second Chance Rescue Program in June 2021. She was fifteen and a half years old. Her past was mostly a mystery, but did know that a lot of it was sad and difficult, but when I brought her home to her forever home she surprised us and quickly adjusted and was so sweet and loving and very affectionate right away. A sweet silly energetic happy people lover! Nathia, Queen of rumble purrs, turbo zoomies and window perch bird watching.

Thank you Oregon Humane Society for one of the happiest and most rewarding experiences of my life and I want to encourage people to consider adopting a senior pet, It’s the best experience. Smiles, love and happy times guaranteed!”

2nd – Tony “Scarface” Baloney

Tony Scarface Baloney Best Cat (2nd) 2023 Photo Contest

“Tony ‘Scarface’ Baloney came to our family as an OHS foster. After I’d seen him up for foster and missed out, he stayed on my mind. Then, he came up again and I immediately volunteered. I wasn’t completely sure I would keep him, but he just made me laugh with his playtime antics – and he would immediately come up and nap on me in the afternoons. He sought me out all the time, snuggled and chatted, and I felt loved – and who can resist being so loved? He’s still a big mama’s boy!”

3rd – Savannah

Savannah Best Cat (3rd) 2023 Photo Contest

“We adopted Savannah in 2015 when she was approximately 3 years old. At that time Savannah quickly introduced herself to her two canine fur siblings Maycee and Jenkins. At home, Savannah is known as Savannah the beautiful or Savannah the Supervisor. As with most cats, Savannah likes things on her terms. She enjoys some scratches, a little petting and is interested in watching everything that is happening, so we call her ‘the Supervisor.'”


1st – Percy & Timmy

Percy & Timmy Best Odd Couple (1st) 2023 Photo Contest

“Percy was found on the side of the road in Mexico with two broken legs. Through the great work of a local veterinarian, his legs were healed, and he was flown to Portland by a local rescue group.

Timmy came from an equally sad situation locally. They both found a loving home with our family and were best of friends from the moment they met.”

2nd – Chase & Manny

Chase and Manny Best Odd Couple (2nd) 2023 Photo Contest

“Chase is a white German Shepherd/ Swiss Shepherd/ Husky mix that we got from OHS when he was a puppy in 2018. He is a 100lb big baby! Manny Machado is a Chihuahua mix that we got from OHS August of 2023. He is an 8lb playful, cuddly boy. Manny is keeping Chase young by wrestling and playing with him all day. Some days we will spot them cuddling.”

3rd – Lily & Bo

Lily and Bo Best Odd Couple (3rd) 2023 Photo Contest

“Lily is an 8-y.o. Pitbull-St. Bernard mix adopted after being dumped at 7mo. and then hit by a car. Her needed surgery was donated by a Bend Vet. She is a LOVE and adores her brother, kitties, and all people.

Bo is 5y.o. Unk. Mix adopted from the streets of Mexico. Favorite pastime is running FAST and meeting new doggie friends. He also likes to brag OUT LOUD about his superior social skills!”


1st – Quincy

Quincy Best Other Pet (1st) 2023 Photo Contest

“Rehomed from difficult situation.”

2nd – Baby

Baby (2nd) 2023 Photo Contest

“Baby is a 1 year old boy hamster. His hobbies are shelling pumpkin shells, playing and sleeping. He is very smart and learns quickly.”

3rd – Milou

Milou Best Other Pet (3rd) 2023 Photo Contest

“She was fostered than adopted by our family, during the process became severely I’ll with an inner ear infection. She fought the severe infection for months and despite being so sick, was the most loving and gentle little girl. She finally recovered though has some nerve damage causing a “head tilt” – Milou sees the world from a new point of view now! She’s still the happy little bunny we fell in love with despite all she has gone through. Really, she rescued us, too!”

The 1st place vote recipients of each category:

  • Pet featured in the 2024 OHS Calendar, with choice of month in order of votes received.
  • Two copies of the 2024 OHS Calendar sent to your home.
  • One Overnight Stay at a Hallmark Inns & Resorts
  • A special gift basket of OHS goodies, pet treats and toys donated by local businesses.
  • The chance to be selected as the Grand Prize winner and appear on the cover of the 2024 OHS Calendar.

2nd and 3rd place vote recipients in each category:

  • Pet featured in the 2024 OHS Calendar.
  • Two copies of the 2024 OHS Calendar sent to your home.
  • A special gift basket of OHS goodies, pet treats and toys donated by local businesses.

Grand Prize Winner:

  • Your pet’s photo on the cover of the 2024 OHS Calendar, and a feature within the calendar on the month of your choice.
  • Five copies of the 2024 OHS Calendar sent to your home.
  • A special gift basket of OHS goodies, pet treats and toys donated by local businesses.