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Ziggy’s New Beginning

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After suffering horrific neglect, Ziggy made an extraordinary recovery and began a new life. Thanks to donors, Ziggy’s darkest days are now behind him.    Like the Oregon Humane … Read More

Sancho’s Big Day

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Sancho’s Journey from Foster to Forever Home One bright spot in the coronavirus pandemic has been the huge interest in pet adoption and fostering. As people began to shelter in … Read More

5 Tips to Prevent Home Alone Anxiety

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  There’s no doubt that pets everywhere are soaking in all the extra attention they’ve been getting while your family is at home.  However, this extended time home could impact … Read More

Advice from Miss Repecka

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Dear Miss Repecka is the Oregon Humane Society’s advice column for kids. Here are all the past questions and answers our knowledgeable chicken has answered. Encourage your kid to ask … Read More