OHS and Willamette Humane Society Announce Merger

Oregon Humane Society and Willamette Humane Society Come Together to Serve Pets and People in Oregon

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For decades, Oregon Humane Society (OHS) and Willamette Humane Society (WHS) have provided core services and lifesaving care to companion animals. Collaboration has always been part of that work. But on July 1, 2022, the two organizations will take the first step in a critical process to benefit animal welfare in Oregon. 

On July 1, WHS will merge into OHS creating one organization—Oregon Humane Society—in two locations. While the merger process won’t be complete for up to 24 months, both teams are excited about what a deeper connection means for pets and the people who love them. 

Animal welfare is changing. WHS and OHS are both facing an increased need to care for animals who require complex medical care and in-depth behavior rehabilitation. Animal welfare is also evolving to prioritize keeping pets in their homes by offering new and innovative support services. Working together, more animals and pet owners will get the care they need.  

Salem and Portland residents, community partners and rescue agencies won’t see immediate changes. They’ll work with the same people via the same channels they’ve always used. The Salem campus will remain open. But as the two teams continue to merge and align processes, subtle shifts may emerge. OHS is committed to transparency, and all affected parties will hear about changes well in advance.

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