James H. Charitable Gift Annuity Story

James H. has been both an active Oregon Humane Society supporter and adopter since 1980. James also fostered cats and litters of kittens as well. Currently, at his house, “it is just me and 15-year old Moochie, a black & white cat with one eye and very few teeth.”  

A few years ago, James was curious to find out how a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) would work. At the time, investment options seemed limited, and he had some money in bank CD’s which were about to mature. He thought it was an opportune time to ask Gary Kish, the VP of Legacy Giving & Strategic Initiatives, if there was a way the funds could help OHS and also be of benefit to him.  Gary shared with him the details of how a CGA would provide him with income for life and a significant tax deduction as well.

Lucy is one of the dozens of cats that James fostered for the Oregon Humane Society over the years.

“The process couldn’t be simpler for creating a CGA”, says James. A CGA is a contract between a donor and OHS where the donor makes an irrevocable gift to OHS. In return, OHS makes payments of a fixed, unchanging amount for the donor’s lifetime.  

Based on the success of the first CGA, James was convinced that this giving strategy is perfect for him. He has created two more gift annuities, the most recent being earlier this year.  “I would do most anything to help the animals” says James. Plus, he receives income for life. A win for James and a win for the animals!

For more information about charitable gift annuities, contact Gary Kish at [email protected] or (503) 416-2988