Gimili’s Story

We want to tell you about a special dog named Gimili.

Gimili and his former owner have been through a devastating time and are both ready to begin new chapters in their lives.

Gimili’s connection to OHS began in September 2020 when a concerned family member called the behavior help line looking for advice for her brother and his dog. The dog, Gimili, was deaf, extremely skittish and being bullied by the other dog in the home.

But there was another heartbreaking challenge.

Gimili was originally adopted by an older couple in Ohio. The wife had a soft spot for special needs pets and was eager to give Gimili a good home. The day they brought Gimili home, while out on a walk, the wife died suddenly of a heart attack.

The grief-stricken husband was also dealing with health issues, so he moved to Oregon with Gimili and his other dog to be close to his sister.

It was a struggle to adjust. Gimili spent most of his time under the bed, afraid of the other dog in the home and extremely fearful. It was a lot for Gimili’s owner to handle.  So, the gentleman’s sister reached out to OHS. Trainers worked with Gimili’s owner and his sister, providing advice and tools to help manage Gimili’s special needs.

But it wasn’t enough.

Kelly Bremken, OHS veterinary social work intern, stepped in to help. She visited with the family and helped connect the gentleman to the services he needed to care for his health, while talking about options for Gimili. Understandably, it was hard for the gentleman to think about rehoming Gimili as he represented a deep connection to his late wife. But Gimili needed specialized care to overcome his fears. He also needed an adopter who had the time and expertise to work with a deaf dog.

Kelly worked with the family for six months before the difficult decision was made to help Gimili find a home better suited to meet his special needs.

Now, the gentleman is getting the services he needs, while he continues to care for his other dog.

Meanwhile, Gimili has bonded with many of the animal care staff at OHS. He’s also received medical care for his dental disease and is starting to learn hand signals.

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