OHS Rescues Horses from Neglect in Damascus

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Horses Rescued in Damascus
Horses seized yesterday by OHS Investigators in Damascus.

A rescue team from OHS seized three horses on Feb. 23 from a woman in Damascus and discovered the body of a deceased horse on the property. The owner was cited for multiple counts of animal neglect.

In observing one of the horses, an OHS Humane Special Agent stated that “even through the [horse’s] thick winter coat I could see the outline of his entire ribcage … The observed body condition of all three horses indicated inadequate quantity and quality of food to maintain proper body condition.” The horses had been seen eating wooden fence boards and blackberry vines, signs that no other food was available.

An OHS investigator estimated that a colt on the property had a body condition of one or two on a nine point scale, with a score of one equaling extreme emaciation. The two mares seized were estimated to have a body score of two or three.

Yesterday’s execution of a search warrant on the property stems from report by a member of  the public who was concerned about a possible deceased horse on the property, located in the 12000 block of SE Winston Road in Damascus.

Horses in Custody and Receiving Care

OHS executed a search warrant on the property yesterday morning with the assistance of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, animal handlers from Sound Equine Options, and an equine veterinarian. The horses were transported to an undisclosed location where they will receive medical exams and any needed treatment. The horses are evidence in a criminal case and are not available for adoption at this time or viewing by the public.

The owner of the animals, Christine Davis, was cited for three counts of Animal Neglect in the Second Degree and is scheduled to be arraigned in Clackamas County on March 23, 2017.

Photos from the Scene

Viewer discretion is advised: some photos may contain graphic imagery.


How You Can Help

If you see an animal in distress, please report it to local authorities or the OHS Investigations team. OHS Cruelty Report information »

Want to know more about Oregon laws, criminal charges, and other legal matters? Find the OHS Oregon Animal Cruelty Laws handbook and more resources here »

If you know someone in need of assistance in caring for horses, OHS partner Sound Equine Options can help or provide more resources.


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5 Responses to “OHS Rescues Horses from Neglect in Damascus”

  1. Glenda McAllister

    I just don’t understand why people that don’t want or can afford animals why they don’t offer them to someone who would love and take care of them I honestly can’t fathom the make-up of a human that can do these things to Gods helpless creatures that he gave us to brighten our lives to love and enjoy saddens my heart

    • Linda McCarthy

      I never understood why, since supposedly they care about animals enough to have them in the first place, why not let them go to a better home, if they cannot afford to keep them any longer, rather than see them die. Makes no sense whatsoever!

  2. McKenna Hobson

    A horse or any animal doesn’t deserve this! What did they ever do to the woman that owned them to make her do this?! Poor things. At least they are being well cared for now.

  3. Linda

    Why why do these people get horses and then starve them to death!!? These people get off the hook way to easy. So tragic’

  4. Julia Davis

    This woman is pure evil. She never asked for help from family or friends. I hope she goes to jail for a long time

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