Deer Shot With Arrow – Reward Offered

OHS is contributing $500 to a $1,500 reward fund for information about a blacktail doe that was shot with an arrow out of season. The incident occurred in the area of Cherry Grove, Oregon in western Washington County.

The injured deer was first noticed by local residents on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017. An image of the injured doe was captured in a photograph that clearly shows an arrow protruding through her neck (shown below). The deer, according to the Oregon State Police, is thought to be caring for a yearling and is likely pregnant. The deer are part of a small herd that is frequently seen by local residents.

Oregon State Police are hoping to locate the deer and tranquilize her so that her wounds can be treated by a veterinarian.

How to Help

Anyone with information about the person or persons who shot the deer should call the Turn in Poachers (TIP) hotline: 1-800-452-7888, or email [email protected]. Please refer to State Police case number SP17048082.

One third of the $1,500 reward is being offered by the Oregon Hunters Association, which sponsors the TIP fund. Another $500 has been contributed to the fund by the Yamhill County Chapter of the Oregon Hunters Association.

The reward is for information leading to the issuance of a citation to a person(s), or an arrest made of a person(s) for illegal possession, killing, or taking of deer (as well as other species).

Photo of Injured Deer

Injured Doe