Tuxedo Cat, Shaggy, Finds New Home After Owner’s Passing

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In December 2013, loyal OHS supporter Susan Powers* was being treated for cancer. Although she was optimistic about her prognosis, she contacted OHS to make a plan for her two cats.

Shaggy the Cat
Shaggy the cat, now named Uncle Leo.

Susan had read about the OHS Friends Forever™ program, which guarantees the care of pets who survive their owners. Susan included OHS in her will, enrolled the cats in Friends Forever and informed her son Steve of the program. In turn, her family is proud to acknowledge Susan’s support of OHS and participation in Friends Forever.

Sadly, Susan passed away during the summer of 2015. Sharing his mother’s love of animals, Steve brought her pets to his home. Unfortunately, the beloved black and white cat named Shaggy was not able to adjust to Steve’s home. Shaggy was easily agitated and tormented the other resident cats.

Remembering that his mother had enrolled Shaggy in Friends Forever, Steve called OHS and was invited to bring the cat to the shelter right away. Shaggy would be cared for and re-homed, staying at OHS for as long as it took to find the right family.

During the initial health exam, the OHS medical team found a lump on Shaggy’s head. His head was shaved and the lump was removed at OHS Holman Medical Center. The lab results indicated the lump was a benign tumor and he was cleared for adoption.

Shaggy and Dennis
Shaggy / Uncle Leo with adopter Dennis.

Shaggy is a handsome cat and received a fair amount of attention from potential adopters. But his shaved head distracted from his dapper looks. One visitor, Dennis W., saw Shaggy’s pre-surgery photograph and was confident the cat would be just as handsome when his fur grew back.

He also felt that Shaggy would be a good match for his family. Shaggy went home with Dennis and his girlfriend Megan, and was soon renamed Uncle Leo, after the eccentric Seinfeld character.

“Uncle Leo,” said Dennis, “follows us everywhere … he has an expressive meow and loves to tell us when he wants to drink from the faucet. He is the first cat we’ve adopted from OHS and it was a great experience. Oh, and he loves to have the scar on his head scratched.”

The OHS Friends Forever program was founded in 1994 and has helped hundreds of OHS supporters plan for their pets. “Those pets have a lot of joy to bring to their new families, and the program creates peace of mind for pet owners,” said Gary Kish, OHS Director of Development.

*Susan’s family is proud to acknowledge her support of OHS and requested we publish her full name.

More Information

To learn more about Friends Forever and ensure the future care of your pets, visit the Friends Forever page here.

You can also contact:

Gary Kish, Vice President for Development
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Kathryn Karr, Donor Relations Manager, Legacy Gifts
Phone: (503) 416-2988 direct line or email

—for more information or to schedule a 30-minute presentation suitable for individuals and small groups.

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