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Contributed by Kathryn Karr, Legacy Gifts Manager

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Clyde on a walk

Art contacted OHS a few years ago, worried about his two beagles, Bonnie and Clyde. The two dogs were healthy, but Art was worried about their future. What if there came a time when he was unable to care for them?

He had heard about the OHS Friends Forever™ program and thought it was the perfect solution. The program is simple: it guarantees that OHS will accept and find homes for pets who survive their owners. Art included OHS in his will and promptly informed both his executor and dog walker of his plan.

Unexpectedly, both Art and his beagle Bonnie died within two weeks of each other. Losing both meant that Clyde, a nine-year-old beagle, was now alone in the world. A call to OHS from the manager of Art’s estate was all that was needed to put Art’s Friends Forever plan into motion. Clyde soon arrived at OHS, along with his bed, food, toys and other comforts from home.

Clyde paddleboarding with his new family
Clyde paddleboarding with his new family

During the standard OHS medical assessment for new arrivals, the medical team determined that Clyde’s left eye needed surgery (he suffered from a common condition affecting a gland of the eyelid). Clyde was scheduled for surgery to repair his eyelid the following day at the OHS Holman Medical Center.

After the successful surgery, Clyde was offered for adoption and two beagle lovers from Washougal, Karen and Paul, spotted his handsome face on the OHS website. After meeting one-on-one with Clyde, the couple adopted him. Clyde’s stay at OHS lasted just three days.

“Clyde was just our kind of dog,” said Karen. “He’s so good and mellow.”

Clyde enjoying the outdoors

The OHS Friends Forever program was founded in 1994 and has helped ensure the welfare of dozens of pets who outlived their owners.

“Those pets have a lot of joy to bring to their new families while the program also creates peace of mind for pet owners,” said Gary Kish, OHS Vice President of Development.

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