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Mac at OHS

Patricia Iron* was only 62 when she decided to make a plan for her large, loveable dogs, Mac and Wylie.

While Patricia had worked for a different animal welfare organization, she was familiar with the OHS Friends Forever™ program, which guarantees the care of pets who survive their owner.

Patricia had done her research and was confident that Friends Forever would take good care of her boys. Patricia included OHS in her will with specific instructions that should she become incapacitated, or when she died, she wanted Mac and Wylie to come to OHS.

Wylie enjoying the outdoors at OHS

When Patricia died in November of 2015, her personal representative contacted OHS and made arrangements for her boys to come to the shelter.

The gentle giants each had many admirers, but Patricia wanted them to be adopted together as a bonded pair.

Together, Mac and Wylie weighed over 180 pounds, so finding the right match for them took a little longer than the average stay of one week. To help the dogs find a great match, OHS staff and volunteers made a video for their online profiles, which you can watch below.

Mac and Wylie Find their Match

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Mandy Weaver visited OHS looking for a puppy. “I played with a puppy first, but ended up adopting an eight- and a 12-year-old,” Mandy laughingly recounts.

The veterinarian records and medical history that came with them indicated typical ailments of older, large-breed dogs. “Mac came with a number of hip and joint problems and daily medication,” said Mandy, “and Wylie was receiving regular chiropractic treatments for senior stiffness and pain.”

Mandy’s boyfriend, Dennis Lynch, wasn’t too sure about the match, but within one day, Mac and Wylie were lounging on the couch with the resident cat. “I’m so happy we found them!” says Mandy.

Wylie quickly taught them that he was well named, as he was wily and beguiling. “He had a huge personality,” said Mandy. He was an old man stuck in his ways: he didn’t like men on bikes or small white cars. Even the neighbors would stare at how he would go berserk with excitement when his leash was brought out. Wylie also was a water dog and loved to swim in any weather.

“Being that he was 12 when we adopted him, we knew he wouldn’t be with us long-term, so we gave him as good a life as we possibly could have,” said Mandy. Even on his last day of life, Mandy and Dennis helped Wylie hobble to the river so he could do what he loved the most—go for a swim. Wylie peacefully passed away in May of 2016.

In the 22 years since Friends Forever was founded, hundreds of individuals have made a plan for their pets. “The program provides peace of mind that should the need arise, the Oregon Humane Society stands ready to find carefully-matched, loving homes for pets,” said Gary Kish, OHS Vice President of Development.

*Patricia’s personal representative said Patricia proudly supported OHS and wanted other people to know about the importance of including pets in their estate planning process. Full name used with permission.

To learn more about Friends Forever and ensuring the future care of your pet, visit the Friends Forever homepage here »

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