Peace of Mind for Pets: Friends Forever Program

Murphy the Austrailian silky terrier posing for the camera with tongue out

Murphy’s Story

Murphy’s owner secured his future through the Forever Friends Program. You can plan for the care of your pet if they outlive you, so they will always have a loving home.

Secure Your Pet’s Future

Planning for the care of our pets if they outlive us can be an emotional process. But the Friends Forever program provides peace of mind knowing that your beloved family member will be cared for by OHS and placed in a new, loving home.  

Murphy was enrolled in OHS’ Friends Forever program after his owner included OHS in their estate plan. Last year, OHS was able to help eight pets receive the care they needed and begin their next chapter in a new home. Murphy is one of the pets that was helped through this program. This is his story:

Murphy’s Story

Murphy the dog with sunset in the background at the beach
Murphy and Sally sleeping and cuddling

Betty inquired about Friends Forever in 2018 knowing that if she was ever unable to care for her seven-year-old Australian Silky Terrier, Murphy, she wanted to ensure his future. Betty made a provision for OHS in her will and submitted a pet profile form to enroll Murphy in the Friends Forever program.  

Last summer, when Betty had a stroke and could no longer care for Murphy, her daughter Rene contacted OHS to discuss the next steps. 

When Murphy became available for adoption at OHS, he quickly caught Penny’s eye, who had experience with Australian terriers. She was looking for a friend for her dog, Sally, and Murphy was a dream come true!  

Murphy settled in beautifully at his new home with Penny and Sally. He enjoys adventures at the beach, family gatherings and snuggles on the couch.