Autumn with the Animals of OHS

Autumn has arrived! That means it’s time for some of our most beloved Pacific Northwest traditions: watching the swifts migrate at Chapman Elementary School, apple-picking in the Willamette Valley, and visiting the corn mazes of Sauvie Island.

It turns out that we humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy the changing of the seasons. As a special treat, our staff asked some OHS shelter pets about the seasonal activities they are most looking forward to this autumn.



“The leaves are changing color! And that means it’s time to get all four paws jumping, into a big pile of crispy, crunchy leaves! Sure, sometimes twigs get tangled in my fluffy coat, but nothing beats that satisfying crunch!” – Coral

Bat & Spider

Bat & Spider

“Knock-Knock! Whose there? It’s Bat & Spider and we’ve got loads of high-powered kitten energy and are ready to learn! That’s why we are excited for a few rounds of Tricks For Treating this fall! We’ll try the tricks if you bring the treats!” – Bat & Spider (Adopted 10/01/22 and 10/02/22)

Graham the rabbit in an autumn themed background


“Tis’ the season for a harvest bounty and I would love to hop over to the pumpkin patch! Let’s take a spin around the farm and find the perfect gourd for snacking!” – Graham

Peaches laying on a couch with a tennis ball


“I got long legs, and these paws were made for walking. This fall I want to explore the long winding trails in Forest Park! Let’s make a date to find the old witches castle–but don’t be too scared, we can hold paws!” – Peaches (Will be made available at our Salem shelter shortly!)

Ella the cat


“It might be the season for spooky movies, but I am a bit of a scaredy cat! In the fall I love nothing more than a blustery cozy day spent curling up on a good book!” – Ella

If you or someone you know is interested in making these shelter pets’ Fall fantasies come true, consider adoption this Autumn! Visit for more available pets, details, and information!