Columbia Blvd Lane Closures 1/10/22 – 1/16/22

Columbia Blvd will have several lane closures, effectively closing the middle lane, from Jan. 10 to Jan 16. This means that anyone traveling eastbound on Columbia Blvd. will not be able to turn left into our parking lot or onto 11th Ave. In addition, 14th Place will be closed at Columbia Blvd.


How can I get to OHS? 

  • If you are travelling westbound on Columbia Blvd. (towards I-5) you will be able to turn right into our parking lot and onto 11th Ave as you normally would.
  • If you are travelling eastbound on Columbia Blvd. (towards I-205) you will need to take a detour to safely access our site. Below are the instructions on how to safely access our parking lot and 11th Ave. next week.

driving directions map

  • Drive past the Oregon Humane Society (on your left) and proceed to the signal at 21st Ave.
  • Turn left onto 21st Ave.
  • Turn left onto NE Argyle St.
  • Turn left onto 17th Ave.
  • Turn right onto Columbia Blvd.
  • Pass 14th Place and turn right into the OHS parking lot.