Our Favorite Adoptions of 2021

Every time a shelter pet goes to a new, loving home it’s a cause for celebration at OHS. But there are some adoption stories that hold a special place in our hearts.


Walter, a senior cat, was sick and wandering the streets of LaGrande when he was rescued. He was transferred to OHS for extensive medical care and was having a tough time adjusting to shelter life.

Enny specifically wanted to adopt a cat who was having a harder time finding home. When they came in, Enny sat calmly and quietly with Walter, just letting him be while softly petting his head and gently reassuring him that better days were ahead. “I have a really nice window that you can sit and look out.”

One month after Walter went home with Enny, they sent this sweet update:


Since adopting Walter, he has gone from a shy but sweet kitty into a loquacious, adventurous, loving boy. We had quickly bonded during his first week here and was able to quickly feel comfortable in my office and be in his bed, and even slept with me in bed after his first week. After spending the first two weeks either in his hidey bed or exploring, he’s since become king of the house and loves to lounge in the sun and look out my windows like I promised him he could when I adopted him. He spends his days sitting next to me while at work and sharing his love and is even sweet enough to wait to loudly remind me to feed him until after I’ve woken up! 

I feel grateful being able to love and be loved by him and am heartened by how well he’s adjusted and how happy he is with me!

Thank you,



Gimili came to OHS under truly heartbreaking, and complex, circumstances. His previous adopter died the day he was adopted. His family was in shock, trying to process their grief and Gimili’s special needs were overwhelming. OHS’ veterinary social worker, Kelly Bremken, worked with the family for months before making the heartbreaking, but necessary, decision to bring Gimili to OHS. At the shelter, staff showered him with love and gentle guidance to help him overcome his fears. Gimili spent time in foster care before finding a new home where he is thriving. His adopter sent this update.

Dear OHS

Porkchop (I changed his name) is doing great!

I’m extremely happy with how well he’s made himself at home with me. He still likes to sleep under a desk or chair depending on which is closer to me. There must be something soothing about having something over him. But when he’s awake he’s upbeat and wagging his tail and getting the zoomies and following me anytime I get up. It’s really great.

We have a good routine going – I work from home on an east coast time schedule so we’re up at 5am, early morning walk, breakfast and meds, then when I start work he hangs out under my desk at my feet and sleeps/ plays with toys with the occasional break for quick walks, then at 3 when I’m off we go on a long walk either here around my neighborhood and the Reed college campus or, if we’re up for it, for a hike in Forest Park. I really think we’re a perfect match for each other, and I’m very grateful to the Oregon Humane Society for rescuing and caring for him and putting us together!


These updates demonstrate the unique and special bond that young people have with animals.

Agnes / fka Iris

Hi OHS staff!

We adopted the little tuxedo kitty, Iris, last week and we just wanted to give you an update on her.

She is doing great! After three days of slowly doing all the suggested things you guys told us about the scent exchange, she has been integrated into the common areas of the house. She mostly loves my youngest boy, Dominic, who is 10.  When we first got Iris, Dominic spent all his time with her while she was first kept separate from the other pets, even if he was just in there reading a comic book next to her. I think he really helped her adjust.

She likes the dog better than the other cat, but they are warming up to each other. Everyone loves her! We renamed her Agnes because we felt like she needed an old lady name. She is scrappy and will steal any food from you that has meat or cheese in it. We have to keep all plates hidden unless we are actively eating/guarding them. She also had a hard time using the litter box at first, but she has figured it out now. She is so friendly and cuddly. I am so glad we went ahead with the adoption not knowing how it would pan out since her history is a mystery.

I just wanted to give you an update. She has been a wild success! Take care and keep up the good work you guys do.

-Libby and family


My husband and I have been fostering for over 3 years and we’ve had our first foster failure – his name is Cash. 

I had been watching the posts for fosters on Cash and noticed that no one seemed to take a chance on him so after talking it out with my husband, we agreed to bring him home. We had recently put down our 16-year-old corgi Jojo and we figured having another dog in the house would bring our remaining dog Buster out of his slump. (He had been best buds with Jojo for nearly 10 years). 

Per usual, I brought my daughter with me, she’s five years old and has helped us with every foster we’ve brought home. At first, Cash was timid but showed an interest in my little girl. When we took him home, he jumped up into the couch next to her for pets and love. Even our dog Buster, who has been down in the dumps, seemed interested in the newcomer.

My daughter feeds Cash and Buster every day, gives cuddle time on the couch and plays fetch with both of them. They sleep in my daughter’s room at the foot of her bed and follow her wherever she goes. After seeing how attached Cash has become to our daughter, my husband and I decided to surprise her with an early birthday gift and adopted him. 

Every day, Cash comes out of his shell a little more. He’s still a little cautious of men but loves sitting next to my husband. If we ever wonder where he’s disappeared to, guaranteed he’s at my little girl’s side which makes me ever so happy. He’s so gentle with her and comes whenever she calls him. She fell off her bike and started crying in the backyard one day and Cash ran up to her to see if she was ok so clearly, he has his favorite person.