Wildfire Information and Resources

As wildfires affect many communities around our state, here are some important reminders and resources. We will continue to keep this page updated as conditions change.

Savage the cat defying the odds and surviving the 2020 wildfires

Be Prepared

  • Sign up for emergency alerts. Know when an emergency is happening in your county. Getting info quickly gives you power to take action. Find your county and sign up now.
  • In order to contain and control your pets during an evacuation, you’ll need a sturdy harness and leash for each dog and a carrier for each cat. In choosing a cat carrier, choose one that is large enough to serve as a temporary apartment for your cat. Here are more tips to get ready.
  • Pre-pack your pet’s kit in a backpack for ease in transportation and include supplies for at least one week. Include current photos of your pets in case they get lost. Include dry food, a manual can opener for any canned food, clumping cat litter, drinkable water, serving dishes, small litter box, litter scoop, and plastic bags for waste disposal.
  • A pet first aid kit is essential. Include any medications and medical records (stored in a waterproof container). Include information on feeding schedules, medical conditions, behavior problems, and the name and number of your veterinarian in case you have to foster or board your pets.
  • Stay connected with your community. Reach out to evacuating friends and family to see if they need a place to stay. Let them know that you’re willing to help with emergency boarding, supplies, etc.

Pet-friendly evacuation sites* – Sept. 10, 2022

When bringing your pet to an evacuation site, make sure you have plenty of supplies to keep them safe including leashes and crates.

Mollalla Buckaroo Grounds

815 Shirley St, Molalla, OR

Livestock, horses, and companion animals

Silverton Senior Center

115 Westfield Ave, Silverton, OR

Companion animals only

Santiam Outreach Community Center

280 Santiam Blvd, Mill City, OR

Companion animals only

Oregon State Fairgrounds

2330 17th St NE, Salem, OR

Livestock, horses, and companion animals

Lane Events Center

796 W. 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR

Livestock, horses, and companion animals

Greenhill Humane Society

88530 Green Hill Rd, Eugene, OR

Companion animals accepted for emergency boarding

 *Information provided by Oregon Department of Agriculture.