Legislative Update: Four Bills Pass House

Good news for animal advocates: progress has been made this month toward better protections for animals in Oregon. On May 4, four bills supported by OHS passed the House of Representatives, two with a unanimous Yes vote. This means all four will continue on for consideration by the state Senate.

The two bills that passed unanimously were HB 2732, which establishes that a person who enters a motor vehicle to remove a child or domestic animal in imminent danger is not subject to criminal or civil liability; and HB 3177, which allows seizure and forfeiture of hens/chicks used in connection with cockfighting operations.

Additionally, many bills that OHS opposed will not continue. In addition to bills listed below, those that will not move on include several bills that would have allowed the hunting of cougars with hounds, for example—see story: OHS joins coalition of agencies urging Oregon lawmakers to oppose cruel cougar trophy hunting bills – read more »

Below is a list of legislation that OHS representatives have been watching. Keep an eye on our Current Legislation page for updates. If you are concerned about bills that did not pass or those still pending, please contact your legislators »

Bills That Passed House of Representatives

Read full details, bill text and more on our Current Legislation page »

HB 2625 – The forfeiture bill. A petition may be filed for animals impounded pending outcome of animal crime even if specific animal in not named in charging instrument. Passed (39 Yes – 21 No)

HB 2732 – Person who enters motor vehicle to remove an animal in imminent danger is not subject to criminal or civil liability. Passed with a unanimous vote (60 Yes)

HB 3177 – Allows seizure, possession and forfeiture of hens/chicks (source birds) used in connection with cockfighting. Passed with a unanimous vote (60 Yes)

HB 3283 – Amends findings by Legislature regarding provision of care. Expands the 15 year prohibition ban for additional crimes. Passed (48 Yes – 12 No)

Bills that Will Not Continue

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HB 2637 – Would create offense of animal abuse in the third degree.

HB 2991 – Prohibits animal rescue entity from euthanizing animal.

HB 3044 – Modifies requirements for carrying dog on external part of vehicle.

HB 3204 – Allows person to return pet that has disease, injury or defect.

HB 3429 – Changes definition of “covered animal species” for purposes of wildlife trafficking prevention program.

Cougar hunting-related bills: HB 2107, HB 2589, SB 371, SB 458

Bills Still Pending Consideration

These bills are potentially still viable, but need work in the coming weeks. If these bills receive enough support, additional hearings are likely to occur in May.

Read full details, bill text and more on our Current Legislation page »

HCR 16 – Designates rescued shelter dogs as official state dog. More to come.

HB 2026 – Would provide for a dedicated Animal Prosecutor position to assist prosecution of offenses involving detriment or risk of detriment to animals. More to come.

HB 3282 – Removes psittacines (parrots) not maintained commercially from definition of “livestock.” More to come.