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2018 Oregon Short Session information, below, will be updated throughout the session.

Animal-Related Legislation in 2018


NO on Protect Interstate Commerce Act of 2018 (HR 4879)

Representative Steve King from Iowa has introduced the Protect Interstate Commerce Act of 2018 (HR 4879), which completely undermines the authority of Oregon to pass laws to protect our citizens and animals. HR 4879 could roll back many hard-fought protections for animals, including Oregon laws regarding animal welfare, puppy mills, horse slaughter, and the trade of endangered wildlife parts. Sharon Harmon submitted a letter to Congress, speaking out against King’s legislation. You can join Sharon Harmon in opposing this assault on Oregon’s democratically passed laws by reaching out to your U.S. senators today.

Oregonians: Contact U.S. Senators Jeff Merkley, (202) 224-3753, and Ron Wyden, (202) 224-5244. Tell your senators: “As your constituent, I urge you to vocally oppose Rep. Steve King’s HR 4879 and any similar attacks on Oregon measures protecting animals and consumers that may arise in the House or Senate.”

For citizens outside of Oregon, look up your legislators’ contact information here.

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