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OHS Humane Special Agent Austin WallaceOHS Humane Special Agent Austin Wallace (pictured) will be joining thousands of Dashers on May 13. Look for the OHS Investigations truck at Waterfront Park and you’ll find Wallace standing next to it, chatting with Dashers and answering questions about his work.

“I look forward to Doggie Dash every year,” said Wallace. “I get to meet so many people who love animals and care very strongly about protecting pets. It makes me proud to be a Humane Special Agent.”

Wallace is commissioned by the Oregon State Police and, along with fellow OHS Officer Ulli Neitch, has the power to enforce animal cruelty laws across the state. In his many years of law enforcement work, Wallace remembers one pet in particular: a large, white pit bull mix named Angel who had lived her entire life chained by the neck. Thanks to OHS, Angel was saved from neglect and went on to be loved by her new adopted family — she learned the joys of running on the beach and cuddling on the sofa.

Because the OHS Cruelty Investigations Department gets no tax dollars, events like Doggie Dash are essential to keep this program (and all OHS programs) running. It costs about $600 to rescue an animal like Angel from neglect. Please ask your friends and family to donate to your Doggie Dash efforts and help fight animal cruelty.

Fast facts about the OHS Cruelty Investigations Department in 2016:

2,995 animals helped by investigators
1,114 reports of animal cruelty investigated
771 animals seized/removed by investigators

More information about Doggie Dash here.

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