Late Night Adventures with Second Chance

Staff and volunteers making sure every dog gets checked in properly, even at 3 am!

You never know what’s going to happen at a Second Chance intake. Last night, the large truck carrying 52 dogs from California shelters broke down on I-5 northbound, just south of Eugene, and had to be towed all the way to an auto yard in Portland. Meanwhile, staff and volunteers sprang into action to organize a convoy to get all the dogs safely the rest of the way to Portland—in the middle of the night, no less.

One of the regular OHS transfer drivers, Joy, was able to keep the generator running so the climate in the truck was maintained for the dogs while they awaited the tow truck.

The transfer truck was towed to a nearby truck stop, where volunteers and staff were ready with their convoy of vans and other OHS vehicles. The dogs were carefully transferred from the large truck into the smaller vehicles to make the rest of the trip up to OHS.

This convoy of vehicles reached the OHS shelter at 12:30 am. More staff and volunteers were waiting to screen the dogs and put them to bed in nice clean kennels. All the pups were safe and sound in their beds by 3 am.

Thank you to all the OHS staff and volunteers who solved every challenge that was thrown at them, last minute and in the middle of the night, and who rallied to see all these dogs safely to the shelter and into cozy beds no matter how late the hour.

You can support the Second Chance volunteers directly by donating to the Team Highway to Home fundraising page for the Doggie Dash or, if you know a H2H team member personally, you can donate to that person by clicking on their name on the H2H team page.

Photo Gallery


Thanks especially to these volunteers and staff who helped with this transfer:

Volunteers                                                                         Staff
Jamie Kline                                                                        Mia Heaslet
Andrea Dezendorf                                                            Natasha Flatt
Eveline Fontenelle                                                            Luba Wagner
Laura Klink                                                                         Sophie Owings
Michele Lytle                                                                      Joy Orevik (our brave driver)
Diane Heffron                                                                    Mitchell Rogers
Patricia Heffron
Marilyn Happold-Latham
Dale Latham
Melissa Laird
Lynsey Howatt
Deb Morgan
Terra Merget
Elaine Marcus
Carolyn Lyon
Sarah Yusavitz