Carly’s Miraculous Journey

Is there anything better than a big, goofy, slobbery bulldog smile?

When Carly arrived at the Oregon Humane Society following a life of neglect, that happy smile didn’t exist. When Carly was found by a partner shelter she was severely underweight, her toenails were so long she could barely walk and her black fur was marbled with an infection caused by an untreated food allergy. Her condition was so bad that the partner shelter was worried that humane euthanasia was Carly’s only option.

But it wasn’t Carly’s time yet. Because of OHS’ generous donors, Carly’s life was saved through the Second Chance program, giving her hope when she didn’t have any.

Carly was immediately transported to OHS for medical treatment. Exhausted, she moved slowly and kept her head and eyes down as she was fed and treated by our expert medical staff. She was then placed in an experienced OHS foster home to help her gain weight and overcome the itchy skin infection that had ravaged her small body. Thanks to OHS donors, Carly received the special diet food and the skin medications she needed for recovery.

Carly’s miraculous rehabilitation demonstrates the power of OHS donors. Donors made it possible to transport Carly to OHS for her second chance. Donors made it possible for Carly to receive the expert medical care she needed to recover. Donors kept Carly alive.

This lifesaving work can’t be done alone, and we need you.


What makes OHS special is how our community comes together to make extraordinary acts possible. Whenever a pet like Carly completes her journey of rescue and recovery to finding her forever home, we know donor generosity made that happy ending possible.

Please give today to provide more second chances. Thank you for your support.