Working Cats Need a Special Home

Help give a cat a job and a home

Cats and kittens come to OHS from all kinds of circumstances – some of the most shy and unsocial cats come from neglect cases. Often, these cats transform when given patience, love and behavior modification. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, these cats are not candidates to be a traditional pet and need a special adopter. While some may consider these cats “feral” or “barn /shop cats” we call them “working cats.” They need a job, a safe space, and a dedicated caregiver.

David Bowie was a cat who fit this profile perfectly. He came to OHS as part of a neglect case and had received very little interaction with humans during his eight years of living in an enclosure. He was at OHS for nearly three months and was only able to be touched by one staff member.

Shannon and her family had the perfect situation for David Bowie. He now lives in a large barn, with a few equine friends on a large rural property. He loves patrolling the barn and watching from a distance while Shannon cares for her horses. After a few months, he has even taken to sitting on Shannon’s lap occasionally. He is truly living his best life.

OHS currently has a number of cats like David Bowie who are looking for a special home. You don’t need to have a barn, horses or a shop to welcome one of these unique felines – just a warm safe space and property where a cat can live their best life.

If you are interested in welcoming one or two of these cats, please reach out to the OHS Admissions Department for more information 503-285-7722 x 212.

Our team will help you transition a cat to their new environment to ensure a successful placement.