OHS Rescues Pets Facing Neglect in Jackson County

ADOPTION UPDATE, FEB. 4, 2015:  The first five dogs from the rescue will be available for adoption Feb.6. Details here.

Major Rescue in Jackson County

Jan. 29, 2015: In a joint operation with Jackson County officials, OHS yesterday rescued a group of 51 dogs, including eight puppies, from a breeder in Applegate who is under investigation for animal neglect. The health of the animals was at risk due to the unsanitary conditions of the facility, which had been the subject of repeated visits by Jackson County Animal Services.

Dogs Rescued in Applegate
Two of the rescued dogs, now safe and being cared for by OHS and Jackson County.

The owner had previously been cited for operating a kennel without a license. During visits by authorities, the owner was advised that unsanitary conditions and a lack of bedding for the dogs were violations of state law.

“Oregon law is very clear when it comes to caring for animals used for dog breeding, and this kennel was putting the health of the animals at risk by a  failure to provide basic, minimum care,” said OHS Executive Director Sharon Harmon.

The dogs seized yesterday under a search warrant served by OHS and Jackson County Animal Services included King Charles Spaniels, Lhasa Apsos, pugs, schnauzers and other small breeds.

Officers from Jackson County Animal Services had found a lack of required bedding for animals, kennels with feces and urine in them, and dogs with feces and urine stains on their bodies. County officials requested assistance from OHS, whose Humane Officers are commissioned to enforce Oregon animal laws throughout the state. The OHS shelter in Portland is also one of the few in the state with the capacity to care for such a large number of rescued pets.

Dogs and Birds Treated at OHS

OHS transported 41 of the rescued dogs to its shelter facility last night. Jackson County is caring for the remaining 10 dogs. The owner of the animals relinquished ownership to OHS, allowing adoptions to proceed. Depending on medical needs, the first dogs could be available for adoption in 10 days. The public should check the OHS website, www.oregonhumane.org, for the most current information about adoption availability.

In addition to dogs, the owner surrendered a group of 12 birds that included Amazon parrots, macaws and cockatoos. OHS also plans to make the birds available for adoption in the near future.

No Tax Dollars Used for Rescue

OHS Humane Officers are certified police officers commissioned by the Governor to investigate animal crimes throughout Oregon. OHS receives no tax dollars from state or local governments to support OHS Officers, rescue operations, or the lifesaving work of the OHS medical team.

Medical care for the dogs includes bathing/grooming, extensive dentistry and surgery. The cost of care so far is approximately $28,000.

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