Q&A: All About Second Chance

Our Second Chance Program facilitates partnerships with shelters that may have less space, fewer resources, and fewer visitors to help place highly adoptable animals into homes.

black shelter dog posing at OHS portland campus after a second chance rescue

Out of the 6,466 animals that were adopted from Oregon Humane Society last year, 3,753 of those animals came from our Second Chance Program.  That means over half of the animals we serve come to us through this program. We will transfer dogs, cats and small animals—whatever is needed from us!

Although the Second Chance Program was originally established in 1997 in an effort to help shelters in Oregon and Southern Washington, we now partner with shelters all across the United States. Last year alone, we assisted 60 shelters and rescue groups from Hawaii to Louisiana!

Most animals who come into OHS through our Second Chance Program are not at immediate risk of euthanasia. Our partner shelters typically struggle with a high volume of animals and limited space for care. Very few of these animals come in with a history of being in a home and many of our partners are located in rural environments, where there are less people looking to adopt.  We are more than happy to bring them into our animal-loving communities, where the demand and desire to adopt these pets is especially high!

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