Pandora’s Perfect Match

Beautiful and full of energy, Pandora finally finds her forever home.

Pandora arrived at Oregon Humane Society from Eastern Oregon in early February, weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic affected Oregon. Her endless energy and extraordinary prey drive meant she needed a special home. Shelter life was difficult for her.  Volunteers took her on extra walks, taught her tricks and took her running to help her cope. Then, the state-wide stay-at-home order changed everything.

With volunteers no longer at OHS, staff stepped in to keep Pandora busy. When adoptions moved to appointment only, many were worried it would take even longer for Pandora to find a home. Turns out, there were hundreds of people interested in her, but only one had the experience to address her special needs.

Here is the update from her wonderful adopter:

Pandora’s first day home

“So far all is going well. She wandered around the house for a couple of hours then we went for a walk. We rested, played a bit and went for a run. Her behavior was as expected, but I feel I can manage it based on my past experience. Now she’s resting and we’ll go out for another walk shortly. I can admit she is very sweet, but she has a very strong instinct for prey. All in all, I confirm she is lovely and kisses a lot.”

Two weeks later

“All is proceeding very well and we have really bonded a relationship. She starts to listen and to get into a routine with me, the house and our relationship. She is super sweet and loves to play “abbraccioni,”  which means a duel of hugs. We had our first vet check and she went through some supplemental vaccinations, as well as a full medical check; results are very good and very healthy. Other than that, she is just wonderful, following me everywhere and pretends to sit upfront in the car. We walk a lot and we wake up to lots of hugs and kisses. She still pulls a lot at the leash when we encounter other dogs, but that is what our dog used to do as well, so no surprise.”

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