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You’ve found your one-stop shop for all things adoptions at Oregon Humane Society. On this page you will find helpful information regarding what to expect when adopting from OHS and important resources for after you’ve adopted your new friend.

New Adoption Process – update Nov. 4, 2021

Adoptions are by appointment only. We will email and text you a scheduling link if you are first in line for a pet. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we find homes for pets as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Note: The Adoption Process will change beginning Monday, November 8 – please read your email carefully as it includes updated instructions. Thank you for your patience as we work to optimize the adoption experience!

The Adoption Process:

Step 1: Submit an adoption questionnaire. Pet profiles are available on our Adopt page. New pets are usually posted daily between 6-7 p.m. Read through the profiles carefully as we do our best to be as transparent as possible with each pet’s information.

  • At the end of each pet’s profile, you will see a link to a questionnaire for that pet. Click the link to fill out an online questionnaire for that pet and submit it to OHS.
  • You will need to submit a questionnaire for each animal you are interested in.

Step 2: Schedule an in-person adoption meet and greet. These appointments are only available the same day you receive your email/text. If you are first in line for a pet, we will email and text you a scheduling link to set up a time to come to the shelter to meet in-person, discuss the pet’s specific needs and whether the pet will be a good fit for your lifestyle. At this time, you will have the opportunity to adopt the pet.

  • Please add [email protected] to your address book to ensure you don’t miss any important communications from us.
    • If you are a Gmail or Comcast user, please be sure to check your spam/junk folders.
  • We process adoption questionnaires on a first received, first served basis. We recommend you continue to monitor your email as the first person does not always end up adopting. You will receive email notification once the pet has been adopted.
  • Scheduling links will only be valid for 2 hours after the email is sent. If you do not schedule your appointment before the link expires, we will move on to the next person in line.
  • You will only be able to meet with one pet during your appointment. You will have to wear a mask for the duration of your visit to OHS. We are limiting in-person meet and greets to 60 minutes or less.

Step 3: Take your new pet home! We are not able to do holds at this time. For more information about what is included in your new pet’s adoption, please head on over to our Adoption Support page.

View our available pets here.

Adoption Information
About Our Pets

Due to the high volume of calls, we are unable to provide specific animal information over the phone if you call in. Please look at each individual animal profile to learn more. The best place to view the most up-to-date information is on the OHS website. To ensure the most up-to-date and accurate reflection of animals available for adoption, we do not feed to third party sites like or

Adoption Fees

OHS is a private, nonprofit organization that relies on individual donations, grants and our own fundraising to operate. We do not receive any federal, state or government funding.

Adoption fees help offset some of the costs associated with providing for the animals in our care – this includes housing, food, medical care, enrichment, behavior modification and more. We use variable pricing and the adoption fee for each animal is dependent on many factors including age, breed and health of the individual animal.

Adoption fees range from $55 to $600 for dogs and $15 to $200 for cats. The adoption fee for each animal is included in their animal profile.

Adoption Process
Who should meet my new pet?

At this time, due to COVID, we are asking that only the household decision makers come to meet the pet you are interested in adopting. We are currently limiting the number of visitors per interaction. Please work with your adoption counselor if you feel there is need for additional family members to meet the pet. The adoption counselor will help you determine what is appropriate and how we can best accommodate your needs.

We do not offer cat-to-cat introductions, rabbit-to-rabbit introductions or interspecies introductions. We do encourage bringing your dog in to meet any dog you are considering adopting. For all dog/puppy adoptions, we require you have a leash or crate to take the pet home, so don’t forget to bring yours from home if you already have one.

How can I be first in line for a pet?

We encourage you to check the website between 6-7 pm and submit a questionnaire as soon as possible to have the best chance of being first in line for a pet. If a client ahead of you places a hold for adoption, you will be notified via email and the pet will be removed from the website. *Some animals will be made available outside of the 6-7 pm timeframe, so it is always a good idea to continue to watch our website throughout the day. You can adjust the “sort by” filter to look at the most recent animals.

Understanding Your Pet

You may notice that some animals have icons underneath their profile photo. Here’s what the icons mean.

How We Assess Our Animals

Age: The age of an animal is subjective and approximate, but we look at their teeth, body condition and behavior.

Behavior: Animals are assessed by highly trained staff to see how the animal responds to things such as handling, walking on leash and meeting other animals in the shelter. Relevant information is gathered and offered to potential adopters as tools for education. The evaluations by our staff are by no means comprehensive and guarantees of behavior. Environment plays a significant role in an animal’s behavior, their behavior is subject to change once the animal is in a different environment. OHS staff do their best to find great matches for all of our adopters along with plenty of post adoption support and resources.

If you need additional support with your adopted pet, please visit our OHS Resource Library or contact our Training Department.

Medical: Not all of our animals are seen by a veterinarian. At the time of intake, all animals will be looked over by a technician to inspect their coat and skin, ears, eyes, mouth, teeth and gums and their weight. If there is a concern, a request will be submitted to have a veterinarian look at the animal.

Breed: The breed of an animal is subjective, but our highly trained staff uses their expertise to assign a breed that best fits the animal.

Previous Owner Questionnaire: All owner surrendered animals will have a previous owner questionnaire that will tell you what the previous owner wants you to know about their pet. This will go home with the animal at time of adoption.

Second Chance

OHS works with more than 92 shelter partners across the Northwest, California and reaching as far as Louisiana. Learn more about this program.

Contact Info:

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Donations: (503) 802-6793

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Be More Humane

Thank you for wanting to adopt a pet from the Oregon Humane Society. At OHS, we imagine a place where kindness and love prevail. A society in which all beings have a place, a purpose, and a sense of belonging. We are on a mission to create this society, a more humane society, and we need your help. Find out how you can be more humane.